Golf Ace: William Dexheimer

Dexheimer Pursuing his Dream

Anthony Bracha, Journalist

Photo Courtesy of: William Dexheimer

Senior William Dexheimer has an incredibly bright future in the golf world. He has been playing at Shadow for the past four years and is planning on pursuing the sport in college.

Dexheimer only started playing golf four years ago when he was introduced to the sport by his dad. Dexheimer’s father used to play a lot and Dexheimer wanted to learn. He has been working hard to get to his dream, “I usually practice every day and play a few times as well,” said Dexheimer. It is always good to work hard to train and get better to pursue one’s dream.

Being a part of the team has also influenced Dexheimer throughout high school. “Being on the team is great because you learn the value of sportsmanship and being a team player… it has helped me mature tremendously, golfing is a sport where you have to be very mature to play, it has also helped me become mentally stronger which is a great trait to have all around,” said Dexheimer.

His work ethic is top-notch and he defines what it means to be a team player in what can sometimes be an individual sport.

— Mr. Huesch, Golf Coach

Dexheimer has received extremely high praise from his coach, Mr. Huesch, “William Dexheimer is a true multi-sport student-athlete and is a “chip off the old block.” He chose to transition from baseball about 3 years ago during his freshman year and has excelled ever since then. His work ethic is top notch and he defines what it means to be a team player in what can sometimes be an individual sport. Will leads by example, is always on time,  and continues to maintain a positive attitude. He is a true role model for the SRHS golf program and I am humbled to be his coach.”

The praise though doesn’t get to Dexheimer’s head as he is aware of his strengths but also his weaknesses. “Some strengths of mine are usually tee shots I hit it pretty far so that’s nice and my putting is good. My weakness is my decision making which sometimes hurts me.” It is always good to be aware of one’s weaknesses and what one needs to do to improve especially in sports. It is going to see how exciting to be what Dexheimer does in college and where his career goes from there. Hopefully, he gets the chance to go pro after college.