Stosich’s Time to Shine


Stosich works on improving her form in hurdles

Kale Nelson, Editor in Chief

It takes a lot of grit and determination to become truly great at one event in track and field, but to become a phenomenal athlete in multiple different events shows extreme skill and willpower that stands out among the rest. Isabella Stosich, junior, is not only a talented runner, she’s also one of the best hurdlers on the board. This year, her particular focuses have been the 300 meter hurdles and the 4×800 relay race. Currently, Stosich sits at 50 seconds for her hurdling race and she has yet to run the 4×800, but she’s hoping for a 2:38 time for her portion of the relay. In her time at Shadow Ridge, Stosich has participated in cross country, track and field, and Student Council, which she plans to continue being a part of in her next year, as a senior. She’s excited to finish off this year and has big hopes for next year as well.

This year, Stosich’s cross county season was unfortunately cancelled, but she gets the opportunity to participate in a shortened season of track, for which regionals are coming up on Tuesday, May 18th, and Thursday, May 20th. Stosich thinks the girls have a great chance of doing well, even though there hasn’t been as much time to practice and improve this year.

“What motivates me to do my best is the reward you get at the end of the race when you PR (personal record). The hardest part about track is staying out of your head because running takes a lot of mental strength. Nothing feels better than when your hard work pays off,” Stosich commented.

Stosich puts a lot of time and effort into improving herself in running and helping to develop a better team community both as a member of Track and Field and StuCo, and that’s not something that those around her just look past.

The best part about Shadow is the people. I love my friends here.

— Bella Stosich

One of Stosich’s best friends and fellow athletes, Ellie Reese, junior, explained, “Bella is an amazing friend and is always willing to help anyone. She is a great role model for any freshman coming into track or even just Shadow Ridge.” Head Shadow Ridge Track and Field Coach, Mike Smith, elaborated, “As a student she exceeds and excels in StuCo and all of her classes, is always willing to do extracurricular activities, and also helps out with community service. As an athlete, Bella is by far one of the best that we have on this team. She is very unique and has several different events that she does very very well at. I’m super excited to have this girl as part of Shadow Ridge High School.” 

As this season comes to a close, Stosich will do everything she can to make her hard work pay off at regionals. Once she’s finished that off, she’s excited for a fun senior year and looking forward to new opportunities in her last year of high school before she plans to leave to serve a mission for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints and go to whatever college she ends up deciding on.

Stosich shared, “I’m most excited for having a great senior year and making memories. I’m hoping that the girls and I will be able to take home a state ring in cross country and track!”