The hype is here for the NFL next year!

Anthony Ford, Athletics Editor

With the NFL regular season schedule officially released, fans across the nation are stoked and more than ready with plenty high flying matchups set to take place in the coming season. There are just four more months until fans can glue their eyes to their tv screens, phones, or tablets watching the NFL on Sundays, Mondays, and Thursday nights. But for now they can set their eyes on some of the most intruiging matchups headed their way this fall. 3 of the most hyped games coming next season are ranked below!

3. Baltimore Ravens at Cleveland Browns (game 2)

The Browns have been a poverty franchise for, well, it feels like forever, but last season, they turned the ship around and made their first playoff appearance since 2002. They have found their guy, their franchise quarterback Baker Mayfield, and they have stacked around him a plethra of weapons. On the flip side, former MVP, Lamar Jackson and the Ravens look to reach the AFC Championship for the first time under the star studded, flashy, blink and you miss him signal caller. With both teams aiming for the prestigious Lombardi trophy, they must go through each other to get there, and they sure did put up a show the last time they squared off. Fans can expect a great, gritty, physical game that will likely be won on the defensive side of the ball.

2. Dallas Cowboys at Tampa Bay Buccaneers

With Tom Brady and the Buccaneers coming fresh off of a Superbowl win, and Dak Prescott fresh off a gruesome ankle injury and a massive eight figure contract, both teams have something to prove. The Cowboys have to prove that they are a legit playoff contender and a threat to the NFC, and the Bucs have to prove that they are still a contender and that they are here to stay, on a quest to defend their title next season. This game will be the season opener, so the hype and the despiration for this game to be played is already building up.

Dion Washington, senior, speaks on what he believes the outcome of this game will be and the implications it will have for the remainder of the season.

“You know, it is really just the first game of the season, but if you think about it, it is going to tell you a lot about both teams. If the Cowboys come out on top with the upset, the league will be shocked, and people are going to have to look out for Dallas. But if Tom Brady shows out and the Bucs win in fashion, the road to 17-0 and retaining their title has begun, and that is a real possibility given that all 22 starters from last years championship team are returning.

1. Tampa Bay Buccaneers at New England Patriots

This is what is looked for in football, this is what is desired. The grudge match. The return of a superstar player in his former city. And this is not just any superstar, this is quite possibly the greatest football player to EVER walk the planet Earth; Tom Brady. Not only is he going to be back in New England, but he is going to go head to head with his former partner in crime, and longtime head coach Bill Belicheck. Their relationship alone is carrying the load in regards to the hype for this game. The Patriots were not playing around in the offseason, adding weapon after weapon in free agency, loading up for a matchup of a lifetime in New Englad.

Longtime Boston sports fan, and senior, Kenzie Murdoch has fairly mixed emotions about her former signal caller facing up against her favorite football team.

“I am going to keep this short, because I am still hurting from watching Tom win that stupid Superbowl last season. I love Tom Brady, but I want us to kick him, beat him in the dirt, and while he is down, kick him a couple of times. Then help him up, but only after we tie his cleat laces together so he can trip and fall back down. That is all. Thank you very much.”