Gubler Takes the Cake

Lizzie Gubler

Abigail Davis, Campus Life Editor

Lizzie Gubler, sophomore, runs a cake Instagram account (@lizzie_made_cake) where she showcases her baking skills. She started her account a little over a year ago on June 9, 2019. Through her account, Gubler has also had business inquiries about making cakes for birthdays, parties, gifts, and just if customers want something sweet.

Gubler has been baking basically her entire life. Her focus on cake stems from her desire to try what she’s seen people on the internet and television do when they complete a cake based on a theme. Cakes are also her favorite treat to bake because she loves seeing everyone’s reactions to cakes when she brings one out for a party: amazed and excited to eat it.

Gubler explains, “I wanted to start the account because I could see that I was actually getting better and since I loved doing it so much, might as well show people my improvements.”

Describing herself as a self-taught baker, Gubler says she started off as baking with just reading and following the directions on box cakes, box brownies, and other easy to bake items. After watching techniques that professional bakers would use, she would then attempt to replicate it and eventually achieve it through trial and error.

“I’m still learning and practicing every single time I make a dessert. On some cakes, I like to try a different baking technique. If it works, great, I’ll use it more often, if it doesn’t, I finish the cake anyway and do another maybe a week later,” Gubler remarked.

Through much practice, Gubler feels that she’s improved. She makes cakes and treats for her family and friends all the time and will grab at any chance to make a cake.

Gubler says, “My favorite thing about the whole baking process is when I get to see it all come together. I get so happy when I’m putting the last coat of frosting on and finishing it up with swirls or decorations because I can see the amount of work and effort I put into it and it’s something that I have evidence to be proud of.”

For people wanting to start making cakes, Gubler advises, “Get the proper tools and be patient. It is very hard, but not impossible to create cakes without a turntable, cake scraper, and piping bags. And patience will be your lifesaver, the biggest time taker is freezing the cakes…several times, do not skip this step.”

Gubler charges $10 for 24 cupcakes and $15-$25 on a cake depending on the type and style of cake. Her goal is to keep her sweets cheaper and better quality than store baked ones. Customers are definitely getting a bargain. Depending on the order, she can get the cake made and delivered within a day or two.

Gubler’s Instagram account, lizzie_made_cake, has beautiful pictures and time-lapses of her delicious looking cake and treat creations, along with descriptions about the techniques she used and why she made the cake.

If you’re looking to bake cakes, Gubler encourages, “Work hard until you’re proud, but don’t be your biggest critic.”