New School Show! “Red” All About It!


Claro Bacaltos, Layout Editor

Because of the popularity of sites like YouTube and TikTok, it has been an exciting time to be involved in the video production industry. As online video has become an epic part of students’ internet experience, there is a growing need to make videos accessible to more people. Especially with online learning, online videos have quickly become indispensable learning tools.

As the school year starts at Shadow Ridge, Mr. M Justin Red, the new video productions teacher, hopes to create a school show that keeps students informed of all the activities and organizations doing magnificent things in the school community. Their content is going to be decided by the students’ preferences and what will best serve the students of Shadow.  The SRHS TV broadcast will allow students to express their culture as a community, and it will feature the diverse student body that makes up the Mustang spirit. 

Mr. Red states, “A school show helps bring us together as a community.”

Mr. Red said that the SRHS TV broadcast will hopefully impact the students’ lives emotionally, physically, and allow the students to feel a sense of trust within the school.  He believes that this plan of action will liven up the mood of the students of Shadow, even under these circumstances.  As the program director, Mr. Red aspires to guide his students to create a show that is fast-paced, entertaining, and includes videos with informative or educational information. In a time when it seems like everything changes depending on the date, the broadcast will hopefully help students better adapt to new technology and school policies that they need to know about.

This show will feature in-depth reporting on issues and activities that affect students in the SRHS community, which means viewers can look forward to interviews, graphics, fun features, polls, music, and video games. 

“The hardest thing about doing this kind of show is finding the materials to start working on our craft,” Mr. Red added.

 Video Productions will be using every tool at their disposal to present all the information that matters to the students at Shadow.  They will show their dedication and hard work to provide a new sense of entertainment and reliable information in the Shadow Ridge community. The Lariat is proud to have a new sister news outlet, and with the school administration’s support, we hope that every student on campus will learn about the broadcast.