First Round of NFL Draft Recap

Anthony Ford, Athletics Editor

The first round of the NFL draft was full of excitement, emotion, and surprises! With the first two picks essentially being locked in for at least the last month or so, the draft really started at pick number three. It was so up in the air on what quarterback the San Fransisco 49ers were going to pick after trading up to number three, that the favored betting line switched up almost every week. At first it was Justin Fields, and then it shifted over to Mac Jones, then back to Fields, and in the last few weeks it was a running between Jones and quarterback Trey Lance. With the rest of the draft waiting on and really being decided by who the 9ers selected with their pick, the anxious feeling was there, the tension was there, and the suspense was far past being built, it was lurking. The 49ers went with Lance, and shook up the rest of the leagues’ draft boards.

Jay Suarez, senior gave his draft highlights and key moments. ”For me, I think the three of the biggest moves made last night would have to be Kyle Pitts to the Falcons, Justin Fields to the Bears, and Trey Lance to the 49ers. The Pitts pick makes so much sense because the Falcons have a great offense with great weapons, and they just got the most dangerous weapon in the draft. He was the highest tight end drafted in NFL history, and rightfully so. The two qb’s going to the Bears and 49ers is a big deal because they are young, strong, and mobile signal callers and they are going to be forces to be reckoned with for years to come.”

Chris Moran, senior, was fairly disappointed with his teams first round selection, but he understands their motive with the pick. “When we were on the clock, I was happy because my favorite guy coming out of the draft was on the board. Jeremiah Owusu-Koramoah was right there, man! Why? Why? Why? Why would you select an offensive tackle who is going to be there in the second or third round?! But hey, I am going to keep my composure, and I am going to keep faith in Jon Gruden and Mike Mayock. Go Raiders, man, just Go Raiders.”

The Las Vegas Raiders were not the only AFC West team to turn heads, with the Denver Broncos at number nine having arguably the second best quarterback on the board in OSU signal caller Justin Fields. The Broncos leaned towards the defensive side of the ball, though, and picked up Patrick Surtain from Alabama. A star studded defensive back who will bring tenacity on the back end of the Denver defense.