Salame to Lead Offense This Season


Tania Mason

Salame works on perfecting his jump serve.

Kale Nelson, Editor In Chief

Mike Salame, a determined senior volleyball player, has high hopes for this final season on the Men’s Varsity Shadow Ridge High School Volleyball Team. He puts a heavy emphasis on hard work and the huge role it can play in a person’s success in anything from volleyball to life in general. He also realizes the importance of optimism and hopes that he can help others to always find the good in every situation. As a senior, Salame has choices to make as he integrates himself into the world, even though he doesn’t feel quite ready for this yet. He plans to go to the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor and move on in life with his twin brother. Salame doesn’t want to continue playing volleyball in college, and would rather focus his efforts on becoming a wealthy businessman. Despite this, he looks forward to this final season and expects his work to pay off.

Salame is an outside hitter on the varsity team, and can always bring new positivity and hope to the team even in the worst of situations. He has to put in a lot of time and effort to get to where he’s at now and wants the team to do as well as they can as a whole this season.

“My biggest goal is to win as much as we can and I’d also love to get First Team All-State this year,” Salame stated.

Salame had to make major improvements in all the ways he could to push his way through onto the varsity team. He also began with a major disadvantage compared to other players on the varsity team, leaving him with a heavy load of catching up to do that he managed to handle very well.

Salame explained, “I’m the only one who didn’t play club. I worked extremely hard just to be at the level of the other boys. I also do everything I can to bring positivity into my life.”

His teammates notice his optimism and positivity on and off the court. He’s a good all-around player and it shows to those around him.

Jack Oxtal, senior and former middle school football teammate, claimed, “Mike has the most insane verticals and he is the best outside hitter I’ve seen; they may as well call him Mike ‘the Striker’ Salame.”

The coaches also notice his team spirit. Salame realizes that the key to being a team is respect and helping each other.

Head Varsity Volleyball Coach, Luke Wilson stated, “Mike is one of the hardest-working kids in my program. Mike never takes a day off and gives 100% day in and day out. Mike will do anything he is asked to do without question.”

Salame is walking proof that hard work and hope can pay off with enough time. His effort and persistence give the volleyball team another valuable team player as they dig their way into this striking season.

Salame wants anybody who’s struggling with something to know that they should just, “Work, work, work. That’s really all you can do. If you work harder and more than everyone around you and push away all the negativity, you can succeed.”