Express Yourself

Expression Club is new to Shadow Ridge this year. Expression Club creates a safe and uplifting environment at school for students to share and voice any strong opinions/feelings, recover after stressful days, and talk about insecurities with others similar to them. It was founded by Anthl Mason, junior, who is currently the president. Advisors include Mrs. Carroll, school counselor, and Mrs. Mason, English and yearbook teacher.

“At the beginning of the year, Mrs. Carroll shared with us options for people to relieve stress, and venting was one of them. I wanted to create a venting club, but the word ‘venting’ seemed a little negative, so I changed it to ‘Expression Club,’” Mason explains. October 10 was the start of this helpful and useful club.

Expression Club is designed to give students a space to get out their frustrations and help others do the same. Mason believes that Expression Club helps make Shadow Ridge a better school.

He said, “It helps the students at this school to express their feelings more and talk to people because some people just don’t have anyone to talk to.”

Expression Club solves this problem and allows students access to a listening ear. Mason says that he benefits from it as well.

“It helps me get to know my peers a little bit more and just to understand everybody’s struggles, or even if they don’t have struggles, to better understand everyone’s views of life,” Mason shares.

Mason runs Expression Club with the vice president, Ailani White, junior. They alternate with instructing activities for each club meeting. Club members or visitors pick a main topic to discuss as a group.

Expression Club is hoping to organize some fun activities this year and even some that include everyone at Shadow. Students and staff can support Expression Club by attending any future events held by them, buying candy from club members, and by going to club meetings.

Expression Club isn’t the first student-created club at Shadow Ridge. For students wanting to create their own club, Mason offers this advice, “Do it. Go along with any creative ideas you have.”

Mason plans to continue the club next year as well; for now, he wants to get more people to attend and wants everyone to feel welcome.

He states, “Expression Club is for every and anybody. Most people join because they need someone to talk to or they just need to vent or express.”

Expression Club meets every Tuesday after school in Room 225.