The Tassel’s Worth the Hassle


Photo Courtesy of Las Vegas Review Journal

Shadow Ridge graduates in 2018.

Abigail Davis, Campus Life Editor

For seniors, who have experienced their final year of high school behind a computer screen for most, if not all of the year, graduation ceremony plans provide a glimmer of hope for a smidge of normalcy and the honoring of a long-enduring tradition. High school graduation ceremonies are meant to embody the culmination of high school studies and recognize the students for all the work and time they invested into schooling leading up to this moment. With graduation being such a memorable event, Shadow Ridge seniors are grateful for the opportunity to participate in it, even if it is still a little unconventional.

Since COVID restrictions are slowly being lifted, venues like the Thomas & Mack Center and The Orleans Arena are allowing graduation ceremonies to commence there. Shadow Ridge’s ceremony will be held at The Orleans because the Thomas & Mack has a limit of 268 graduates per ceremony on the floor, whereas The Orleans has a limit of 400 graduates per ceremony on the floor and with fixed seating. Still, The Orleans does not have the capacity to hold all the graduates and their guests at the same time. This is why there will be two separate times for graduation.

With how this year went I was pretty much planning on not being able to walk for graduation, so I was super excited when they announced that they would be able to go in person!

— Abigail Squier

Graduation ceremonies will be held at 8 am and 12 pm on Thursday, May 27, 2021 at The Orleans Arena. According to Shadow Ridge’s 4-19-21 Parent/Student Update, “Although there has not yet been a district determination as to whether the two ceremonies will be split alphabetically or if students will be able to select from either the 8:00 am or 12:00 pm ceremony, our goal at Shadow Ridge HS is to give students a choice as to the time frame for their ceremony so that they can attend with their friends.”

To coincide with this goal, Shadow Ridge will be sending all seniors a survey that will ask the students whether or not they plan on attending graduation at The Orleans and to select their desired graduation time (8 am or 12 pm). This survey was sent out on Friday, April 23rd at 1:30 pm. Students should note that only 400 students will be allowed per ceremony and once a capacity limit is reached, students will have to attend the other time slot.

“With how this year went I was pretty much planning on not being able to walk for graduation, so I was super excited when they announced that they would be able to go in person!” explains senior Abigail Squier.

Students will receive their diploma and diploma cover at The Orleans prior to going onstage. Students will not be allowed to carry any bags/purses into the venue due to security regulations, so students will be expected to carry their robes in. Additionally, students may not decorate their caps and can only wear cords/stoles that were earned from Shadow Ridge HS or CCSD. The last day for students to order their caps and gowns for graduation is May 4th. This can be ordered at

Because of these COVID times, all students, staff, and guests must wear a mask. The number of tickets each graduating senior will get has been set at 4 tickets for their guests. In order to enter the venue, guests must have a ticket. At this time, a decision has not been made if a person who needs fewer than four tickets can share their extras with another family. For guests that won’t be able to come, more information will follow concerning the live streaming of the graduation ceremonies.

Melissa Wilson, senior, says, “Despite the limits, I’m excited for graduation! I’m glad we won’t have to miss out on this significant celebration.”