Shadow Ridge’s Closed Pool Makes A Splash


The pool on the roof as seen after decryption of the Google Maps censor

Kale Nelson, Editor in Chief

Although the spreading pandemic caused a lot of changes for those involved in Shadow Ridge High School, one issue was particularly devastating to the staff when the school closed down. Due to the coronavirus, the school was inaccessible to teachers and staff, meaning the most important facility at the school could no longer be used. The legendary and elusive pool on the roof, which has never been seen by student’s eyes, hasn’t been used in an entire year. According to the teachers, the pool was drained shortly after the decision was made to go into lockdown and has remained empty for quite some time. While the teachers miss the fun times at the pool, many students, who have long been jealous of the rooftop pleasure, are spiteful and wish the worst for the pool.

Over the years, many renovations and upgrades have been made at the pool, and to cover up the mystery, the staircase is not only difficult to access, but there is an anti-drone field directly over the school and Google Maps has been able to keep the pool hidden.

“Oh I miss it so much. Everybody was always there to make a splash and one time I heard that it was even made possible, after people had gone swimming, to repel from the top of the roof. It’s just too bad that the pool’s been closed,” Mrs. Dover, US History teacher, explained.

Along with the one-time repelling event, many upgrades have solidified the grip of the pool on the minds of the teachers. Many of them said all they could think about while teaching last year was going swimming at their next break. This year, that isn’t an option.

I have to say, it’s been a huge letdown having the pool on the roof closed for the past year. I was so looking forward to getting to use it when I moved to Shadow this year, but all of a sudden a global pandemic hits and it gets shut down. This is why we can’t have nice things.

— Ms. Kuhlman

“Normally, after practice for cross country or track, I was able to sneak in and have the pool all to myself, but since COVID hit and the school closed, now I have to swim at Losee which stinks because the pool at Shadow has a really nice sound system with really cool lights. Also, the water is much warmer and cleaner than at Losee,” Mr. Flynn, English teacher, complained.

Although it’s been quite a strain on the teachers to not have access to their most valued way of relaxing after a day of crazy students, some of those who attend Shadow Ridge have grown extremely jealous.

“I’m glad the teachers don’t have their pool. I don’t think they really deserve it and I think it should be for everybody,” Gavin Bott, junior, shared.

As school will eventually begin to return on a hybrid schedule, it is still in question whether the pool on the roof will reopen, or if teachers will have to be patient just a little longer before they can take a dip in Shadow Ridge’s most well-kept secret.