SmartNight for Juniors and Seniors


The following information is being shared on behalf of the Tule Springs Stake SmartNight Committee and does not represent an endorsement by Shadow Ridge HS or CCSD.  All students are welcome to participate.

As you may know, Clark County School District has just announced that the ACT will be administered to juniors (and seniors who didn’t take it last year) on high school campuses on February 23. (The ACT is a requirement for graduation in the state of Nevada.)

The Tule Springs Stake SmartNight Committee is very happy to announce that we’ll be hosting a free virtual ACT Cram Session to help our students prepare. Our class will be taught by professional ACT tutor Ryan Fitzgibbons of Tutors Across America and will include all the best tips and tricks he can share in a 3-hour session.

We invite juniors and seniors to join us on Thursday, February 11, from 6-9 pm. Students must register in advance through this link:, after which they’ll receive the link to access the event.

Feel free to share the above link with friends, especially those in our area. The webinar will max out at 1000 registrants, but we don’t anticipate that being a problem. However, we do ask that younger students refrain from registering until the 9th, just in case demand among older students is higher than expected.

Attached are several of the recent official ACT tests, generously shared by Tutors Across America. Their tutors went through and wrote out detailed explanations for each question. Students who do a couple of practice tests, read through the explanations for each question they missed, and learn from their mistakes, usually see their scores jump up really quickly.

We are considering offering smaller, single-subject-based classes in our church building(s) on Feb. 16th and/or 18th, if students express enough interest and we can maintain current COVID guidelines. If we do so, details will be sent out in advance.

We have missed serving you and look forward to regularly working with our students again in the future!