Spread Love, Stop Hate


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Diversity hands raised up gesture

Claro Bacaltos, Layout Editor

In the past, America has been separated through color, race, and beliefs. The removal of indigenous people and the establishment of slavery had begun a new racial injustice system in the country. Throughout the years, generations of civil rights movements have started to gain fundamental spheres in the nation and outline the vision of the forefathers, where the land has equal justice for all.

The dream of equal justice remains a difficult one that America needs to conquer. The profound system of racism and inequities that hurt the community is still intact in institutions from education to housing to the criminal legal system.

Here at Shadow Ridge, a new club called the Racial Justice Club, is a place where students can spread love to one another not based on a person’s color, race, or beliefs. The club was recently formed, under the supervision of Mr. Jared Bushman, a school counselor, along with Tre’vion Thomas, the student leader of the club, and they want to raise awareness of how unequal the world is.

“This club is starting slow, and the members of the club are here to show love for the world and want to change the world for the better,” Thomas stated.

I have a dream that one day this nation will rise up and live out the true meaning of its creed: ‘We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal.

— Martin Luther King Jr.

Thomas is determined to make this club a haven for those students who are discriminated against by color or race. He wants to build a community where other students are free to speak up about the injustice that is happening around them. The club is about helping other students to feel that there are people who are supporting them all the way. They don’t fight about racial injustice,  it’s all about spreading love and raising awareness. It is said that the world is a better place without violence. There are many options to fight racial injustice, and one of them is the mission and vision of this club.

“If you believe in showing love and driving out hate, not bringing in hate, this club is best for you, and if you believe that everyone is equal, then come join us. We aren’t fighting for anything at all. This club is for everyone to talk about how we feel about it. We want to use our voices and to be heard.”