The Pre-Registration Deliberation


Photo Courtesy of: Missy Shipp

Students can access the course catalog on the Shadow Ridge Website.

Kale Nelson, Editor in Chief

In the upcoming weeks, any student returning to Shadow Ridge next year will need to begin thinking about their plan for their 2022 classes and schedule. Pre-Registration is growing nearer, meaning that meetings with counselors will be coming up soon. The juniors will go first, at some point between February 11th and February 25th and they will be contacted about pre-registration via their US History classes. From February 26th to March 11th, they will be followed by the sophomores through their World History classes. Finally, the freshmen will meet from March 12th to March 25th in their Freshman Studies or Health classes.

Pre-Registration is something that the counselors would like the students to be prepared for, so anybody who plans on coming back to Shadow Ridge should be keeping a close eye on their mentorship class in Canvas.

Mrs. Lisa Hebb, the counselor for students CAN-E, explained, “We are rolling out pre-registration information for next year’s classes starting next week.  Teachers will be talking to students on Monday or Tuesday about their options for next year in their department and we will be sending out the video and form for juniors to fill out their elective choices on Monday.  Shortly thereafter sophomores and freshmen will get their video and form to fill out.” She continued, “Each student should access the elective choice form and our video with information and instructions via Mentorship in their grade level module PRIOR to meeting with their counselor. It’s really important that students access the correct forms as they are specific to their counselor.  So each student should be using the links that are found in their own Mentorship course in Canvas.”

In this upcoming time period, counselors will meet individually with each student to discuss their schedule and plan for the next year. During the meetings, counselors will also go over what students’ transcripts look like already and what classes would be best to take in the future.

Hebb said, “After the meeting, a finalization email will be sent to the student with their classes listed and a Google Form for them and their parent to submit to show they are happy with their choices or if they want to make changes.  Just like the forms we normally give a student on paper, if a student doesn’t complete it, they might lose the classes they chose.  So it’s really important that every student completes the process!”

In regards to electives and class choices for next year, Hebb said that the counselors are working on final elective forms, but the counselors recommend using the course catalog to get some ideas of what they want. The course catalog can be found on the Shadow Ridge High School website under the tab “academics.”