Miss Reese’s Amazing Art


Some of Miss Reese’s favorite works

Violet Flanagan, Journalist

Miss Reese is a painting teacher at Shadow Ridge. She’s very passionate about what she creates, and about her students. Miss Reese is an artist herself as well as a teacher, and that’s where her drive comes from- doing what she loves and helping her students to do the same. 

Miss Reese obviously enjoys painting, but also makes art of all kinds. 

“I like to make all sorts of art,” she said. “I sketch, draw, sculpt, and paint. I have created stuffed animals, designed jewelry and clothing, painted theater sets and murals, studied film and photography, and illustrated book covers. I love all forms of art and expressions of creative thought!”

Of those art forms, she says that murals are one of her favorite things to make with her classes. Miss Reese believes murals bring people together, and that’s what art is all about.

“I really enjoy helping students create personal art, but it is really fun to create murals with students,” she said. “Making a mural takes teamwork and a larger than life perspective that is so amazingly rewarding . It feels great to be a part of a group that creates- part of a larger whole… This is the pinnacle of what art is for- to connect human beings.”

The transition to online learning has been difficult for all teachers, but some subjects are more difficult than others to transfer to an online format. Painting is one of those subjects, but Miss Reese has been working through it with a positive attitude.

I can’t think of anything more rewarding than being able to express myself to others through painting.”

— Bob Ross

“You know Bob Ross became a legend teaching people to paint on TV, so I figured we could handle it. I think the difficulties more come from practical aspects, like getting supplies, learning how to use technology, and getting all of the samples and demonstrations online and in digital format.” she explained. “We are still working on ways to share the art online in a meaningful way. It will continue to evolve and get better as we go, so I have sure appreciated how patient the students have been.”

Overall, the pandemic hasn’t weakened the way that Miss Reese cares for her students, or her excitement about making art.

“No doubt the biggest inspiration for me over the years has been students. I have appreciated the work of masters, but when it comes to really getting me excited about creating art and getting a brush in my hand, it has always been the work, ideas, and conversations I have had with my students.”