COVID-Friendly Things Teens Can Do In Las Vegas


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Coronavirus Depiction

Tiana Cofer, Journalist

COVID-19 has affected people worldwide in many different ways, with teens having been affected in more ways than one. With grades dropping across the country and depression spreading throughout young adults every day, adolescents are facing multiple overwhelming problems. A kid’s teenage years are crucial times for socialization, and COVID-19 has made that nearly impossible with new restrictions being put into place every couple of months. But even though the coronavirus has made going back to everyone’s old lives a challenge, this doesn’t mean that teens can’t find other ways to pass the time. 

Covid-19 has affected me in a few different ways. It has forced me to learn how to keep my mental health on track, but it has also changed me as a person. I’ve picked up a job which has made me responsible, and I’ve learned about how not one person’s background is the same and how I need to be grateful about what I have in life,” states Rylan Partida, junior. 

Teen standing outside wearing a protective mask (Photo Courtesy of Google Images)

Most activities that teens used to be able to do, such as playing sports, hanging out with friends, or going to the movies have all been extremely limited or cut off completely. So, taking up a job or starting a business are some of the things that teens have done to make a little extra money or pass the time. But even though getting a job or starting a side business may not be possible for some people, there are still plenty of opportunities for teens to make good use of a shorter school schedule. 

“I think teens can find hobbies they like and start doing it on a daily basis,or they can try something new every day like drawing one day and painting another. Teens can even start working out and find a fun workout they like doing,” says Loegan Alia, junior. 

Ever since COVID has had a lasting effect on the majority of the population, new hobbies and interests have sparked throughout people of all ages. From cooking, to learning a new language, to coding, the possibilities are endless when it comes to picking up a new hobby or skill. 

Teen At Home With Laptop (Photo Courtesy of Google Images)

“I think one of the main things that I wish I could do but cannot due to Covid-19 restrictions is honestly, just going back to school. I miss it; sitting in my truck before school with my friends, walking in the hallways, interacting with other students, everything about going to school,” states Partida. 

Activities such as drive-in movie theaters, walking on the Strip, go-karting, and more have started opening up in Vegas and are all ways to pass the enormous amount of free time that people have been given, whether it’s indoors or out. Even though physical school seems like a distant memory to most, if everyone continues to stay inside when necessary, talk with loved ones, wear masks, and keep their surroundings clean, physical school might one day become a reality again.