Teachers Outside of the Classroom


Photo courtesy of Ms.Dotson

This is Ms.Dotsons class from a past school year.

Katy Daley, Journalist

Ms. Weeks is a 10th grade World History teacher, and Ms. Dotson is a 10th grade English teacher at Shadow Ridge High School. Both Dotson and Weeks originally didn’t want to be teachers, but once starting college they changed their majors.

Dotson went to college in hopes of being an athletic trainer, but soon realized she had a weak stomach. She then found an old memory book she had written in kindergarten and saw that she wrote about being a teacher.

Weeks went to college in hopes of becoming a lawyer or something in the medical field, but neither worked out. She tutored some of her classmates in French, soon realizing she made a difference and liked helping people, so she took her sister’s advice and became a teacher.

When students see their old or current teachers, it’s sometimes a little uncomfortable or weird for both of them, but it’s important to remember that teachers have lives outside of school too. Teachers spend their free time a lot like many students. They all have hobbies and fun activities they like to do.

Students would be surprised to know that their teachers enjoy some of the same hobbies that they do.

Weeks stated, “Video games, books, and food. All 3 of these things definitely help calm me down, and they’re my favorite ways to bond with people.”

Weeks has also talked about her love for cosplay during her world history classes.

Ms.Weeks is cosplaying Ashe from Overwatch. (Photo courtesy of Ms.Weeks)

These are some of Weeks favorite activities to do outside of school because they are great ways to connect with people and start a conversation.

Teachers don’t often show their athletic side inside of the classroom, but many of them believe physical fitness. 

Dotson explained, “Outside of school, I like to volunteer or be outside like at the beach or in the mountains. I like to hang out with friends and family, and I enjoy going to the gym/working out.” 

This is Ms. Dotson’s family up in the mountains taking pictures together. (Photo courtesy of Ms. Dotson)

Dotson enjoys doing many fun things and she is a very active person.  She enjoys being around the people she loves and she also likes helping out her community.

Free time and having a mental break from school is just as important to teachers as it is to students. 

Weeks stated, “I never get bored at home, so summers off are amazing. I miss the students and I definitely will miss the conversations, but you can’t beat eating whenever you want and sleeping in.”

Weeks loves having the entire summer off because she likes being able to eat at any time of the day and sleeping in as long as she wants. It never gets boring at her house, but she does sometimes miss the conversations with her students while she is off. 

Being a teacher has many perks like having weekends and the entire summer off. Both Weeks and Dotson have very interesting and fun lives. Students should remember that teachers have lives outside of the classroom just like their students.