They Play the Pong


Courtesy of @srhspingpongclub

This logo was created for the Ping Pong Club by Sydney Stewart.

Kale Nelson, Editor in Chief

One of the more elusive and interesting clubs of Shadow Ridge High School, the legendary Ping Pong Club, led by Jackson Justice, senior, is safely meeting through COVID. They continue to bounce from house to house, searching for new ping pong tables to play on. The club, made up of a group of friends sharing a mutual bond over enjoying ping pong, has been working on their ping pong skills and trying to improve their abilities. Even in a time of confusion and loneliness, they are managing to still stick together over something they can all have fun sharing their passion about.

One thing is for sure; whether they are future pros or just playing for the fun of it, the Ping Pong Club is a way of rallying people behind a fun cause that can take them away from the worries of the world.

On Instagram, the mysterious @srhspingpongclub account brags in its only post, “Welcome to the greatest club of all time.”

Featured along with the post is a picture of the logo for the club, designed by Sydney Stewart, senior. To the emergence of a new and interesting club, many people reacted wildly with excitement and celebration.

Carter Leavitt, senior, said, “This is epic.” Isaiah Fisher, another senior and a huge ping pong fan, commented, “Count me in,” and Kayleigh Bryner, an excited senior added, “Gonna go ham on the tennis tables.”

Justice, being the one who runs the Ping Pong Club, does his best to organize activities and exciting events for the club to participate in.

“SRHS Ping Pong Club is a club that is designed for fun and we meet together at people’s houses just to play the pong. I’d like to have a big tournament one of these days before I graduate, and have some prize money for the winner. It’s the best club at Shadow,” Justice explained.

Justice’s second in line, Sam Creasy, senior, has a strong belief that the Ping Pong Club can actually be a help to those involved, and keep them positive in the world we’re living in.

Creasy explained activities as “Pretty simple. All of us friends like to just play ping pong. We do Ping pong tournaments and just try to help everyone improve and make the best situation in the worst times.”

It is important to note, however, that this club is not a school sponsored club, but one that was formed by a group of motivated teenagers.