Warm 4 Winter


Photo Courtesy of: Isabella Stosich

Kale Nelson, Editor in Chief

During the holiday season, many are hustling to make purchases and find gifts for their friends and family. However, Isabella Stosich, junior at Shadow Ridge, in the spirit of giving, has started a fundraiser called “Warm 4 Winter” to provide warm blankets for the local homeless to help them get through the chilly winter. Stosich is raising money through GoFundMe at gf.me/u/zbjpit/ and the proceeds will all go to buying fabric for making blankets. Stosich has been raising awareness for her fundraiser through social media and by word of mouth through friends and family.

Stosich, inspired by the #lighttheworld trend created by the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, wants to spread holiday cheer and help improve the lives of others. She has been asking for donations to Warm 4 Winter since early December and is still looking for more support so that she can help provide as much warmth as possible to those who don’t have anywhere to stay for the holidays.

“Warm 4 Winter is a fundraiser I created to provide blankets for the local homeless. The goal was originally to hand out blankets for Christmas, but if people keep donating, I will continue after,” Stosich explained.

Stosich has already collected a pretty large amount of money from plenty of charitable donors. The fundraiser is still continuing as she has a final goal of raising $1,000 to put to work making at least 50 or more blankets for the homeless.

“I think it’s a great opportunity to get involved in something amazing! It’s so important to serve our community! Give back!” Ellie Reese, Junior Class Service Coordinator, shared. “The holidays are supposed to be filled with warm and happy energy! Service is one of the best ways to make both us and others around us happy and filled with joy.”

The holidays should not only be a time of receiving, but also a time of giving. What better way to give than to help those in need?

Stosich asks anybody wanting to help out and warm those in need to, “Join me in an effort to keep the homeless warm this Christmas season. Many people have to live outside or in their cars due to loss of residence. Please show your love and support by gifting a couple dollars to cover and keep them warm for winter!” Stosich added, “I also want to say I’m grateful for all those who have donated already!”