Jingle all the Way (to the bank)


Senior, Jared Richards, as he installs Christmas lights around the Las Vegas valley.

Samantha Monson, Guest Journalist

Jared Richards has loved Christmas lights his whole life and always enjoyed putting them up on his own house every year.

Richards, now a senior at Shadow Ridge High School, started his Christmas light installation business in 2018. This year will be his third holiday season running his small business. The idea of starting a business appealed to him because he figured he could make a few extra bucks doing two things he loves, putting up holiday lights and helping others.

Richards has been able to run a successful business the past three years by advertising through social media and word of mouth. These techniques have proven to be successful for him as he has more than doubled his clientele since his first year of work. His geographic reach has also expanded.

“I strive to keep all clients satisfied and keep them happy during the holidays. I love seeing their faces light up when they turn the lights on,” stated Richards.

Each house is unique in the amount of time it takes to put up the lights. Timing depends on the size of the home and the amount of lights the customer wants. Richards loves the different challenges that come from his work.

Richards explained, “It is really hard to do houses that are over 30 feet tall with big displays.”

Although many businesses have struggled this year due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Richards does not foresee any issues or losses to his business this year. He will continue business as usual as his work requires little to no client contact. In fact, it may prove to grow his business more.

Richards said “I think the pandemic circumstances might be better for business because so many people have already wanted to put up Christmas lights this year to spread cheer. I think I will have a lot of new clients this year because everyone is wanting to feel more joy in this tough year.

The senior has loved the opportunity to spread holiday cheer each year. However, he does not plan to continue his business venture after high school.

“This business has taught me many things including how to run a business, which is something I’d like to major in at college,” Richards said.

He has also learned many more techniques in hanging Christmas lights. He plans to continue decorating his own home in lights in the future. This will not be the end of his efforts to spread holiday cheer and service to others. His main goal will always be to help others.

Richards exclaimed, “I love spreading the joy of Christmas!”