Raiders face-MASK-ing problems


Anthony Ford, Athletics Editor

The N.F.L. has fined the Las Vegas Raiders $500,000 and their head coach, Jon Gruden, an additional $150,000 and has taken away a late-round draft pick next year because of repeated violations of the league’s coronavirus protocols, according to a league employee who was not authorized to discuss the penalties publicly. This is not the first time the Raiders organization has gotten fined due to COVID, head coach, Jon Gruden has already been fined $100,ooo for not wearing his facemask consistently on the sideline during the Raiders season opener.

Dorian McGee, senior, has his frustrations with his favorite team and their mistakes with handling the virus. “This time, I think we got fined because Trent Brown was not wearing his tracking device after being diagnosed with the virus, and he was around all of the other offensive lineman and even our safety Johnathan Abrams. It really ticks me off because I feel like we are just being careless when this virus is no joke. Who knows what is yet to come in the next few months with the cases spiking in the country, and here we are getting fined like a million dollars for not following protocols.”

No, McGee was not exaggerating when he said a million dollars, the Raiders fines for this year due to COVID alone has amounted to one million dollars, and they had to forfeit a couple of picks for next years draft.

“We really need to get it together,” McGee stated, “This year is our year to make it to the playoffs and we cannot afford to squander this opportunity because we cannot simply follow the rules. It has been far too long that my team has not been taken seriously in the league. We are playing fairly well and, by the way things are looking, we are only getting better. The lights are bright in Vegas, baby, and so is the future of the Las Vegas Raiders.”

Las Vegas is sitting pretty with a solid 6-3 record after ten weeks of NFL football. The remainder of their schedule seems to lean towards the easy side with only three out of seven games being up against teams with a winning record. The games that the Raiders should come out with a win with little to no troubles are held against the Falcons, Jets, Chargers, and their division rival Broncos. The Raiders currently hold the fifth seed in the AFC (American Football Conference).