Eunoia: Malibu Sky

Video Courtesy of: STICK FIGYA


Walker and Fisher in their video “cat on a chair”

Kale Nelson, Editor in Chief

After their last hit music video on Youtube, HAM SAMICH, local artists Connor Walker and Isaiah Fisher couldn’t resist putting out another single. The duo, going by Eunoia, put out their song on November 8th, 2020. Malibu Sky can be found on pretty much any streaming platform. Walker, Shadow Ridge alumni from the class of 2019, has been attending online college and working on majoring in communications, while Fisher, a senior here at the Ridge, has been finding his way through online school as well. Eunoia created Malibu Sky with an intent to create a catchy song and spread good vibes.

Fisher and Walker have been friends for a while and enjoy working together, especially on fun projects like this. They’ve been trying to spread the word on their song so that everybody else can enjoy it as well.

“Isaiah and I did almost everything together. We mixed the instruments, wrote the vocals, and produced the final track all right next to each other,” Walker shared.

However, according to the two of them, it wasn’t all dancing in their rooms and singing in their showers. Malibu Sky did take time, effort, and teamwork to put the song together.

Fisher explained that “There were a couple bumps and hurdles, like first we had to match up the guitar and piano with the drums and that was difficult because every time the song looped we had to fix it. Also, mixing the song to make it sound good took forever and was a lot of work.” Walker added, “Mixing our vocals was probably the hardest part. After listening to your song over and over, it starts to sound better and more normal over time, so we would come back to the song the next day and just laugh at how bad it sounded.”

Lil Issah and Stick Figya in their music video “HAM SAMICH”

Eunoia based their song off of the alternative indie genre and tried to replicate that general tone and structure. Although Fisher and Walker agreed that they had no specific musical inspiration for Malibu Sky, they decided to make the song, much to the pleasure of fans like junior, Cameron Tuai.

Tuai described Eunoia’s Malibu Sky as, “A spring joy ride with the windows rolled down.”

Like Tuai, Fisher thinks the song is perfect for vibing during car rides or while watching sunsets.

Walker said, “Malibu Sky is a song that my friend and I wrote and produced. You can find it on basically every music streaming platform. Go check it out, we worked hard on it!”