Red Rock Running Track Invitational


Lena Harris

Track Season 2023 is coming to an end.

Lena Harris, Journalist

This past Saturday, April 22, Shadow Ridge held a track invitational hosted by Red Rock Running Company. When the track team has invitationals, a special group of athletes is selected to run, jump, throw, etc. Basically not everyone on the team is chosen, so going to an invite is a very special opportunity. Since this invitational was held at Shadow Ridge, those who were not competing were still required to come to work to help keep everything running smoothly. 

For those working the invitational, there were many “jobs” to choose from including concessions, entrances, block crew, medals, pole vault, high jump, sand pit, shot put, discus, and raffle tickets. All athletes were required to arrive at 7 am and stay until the end of the invite. Overall everyone at this invitational worked very hard to keep everything organized and even beat some of their own personal records. 

Sophomore Maya Garay worked the invitational over the weekend, doing blocks and helping with any other jobs that needed assistance such as medals. 

“I think helping during invitationals is always a fun experience, I get to support my team and be with my friends the whole time. There was also a series of concessions and food trucks, so this made the day more enjoyable.” 

Switching out jobs every few hours helps to make sure that workers are staying hydrated as the weekends are very hot. Shadow Ridge had Kona Ice, Mackin’ Wagon, JT Cafe, and Vegas Valli Taqueria there on Saturday. Guests, helpers, and athletes indulged in some sweet treats and savory food while watching or after running. 

As for those competing, there were 11 other schools that showed up, as well as some athletes from UNLV, who ran the 1500 (a little bit under a mile) and the 800 (2 laps around the track), so this invite was rather large. At track meets and invites, there are a series of running events that go in order, each athlete must go to check in and warm up before their event starts. Those who do field events go off to their stations and jump or throw throughout the meet. These athletes can see their results online or sometimes in person where the scoreboard usually is. 

Sophomore Irene Perez participated in pole vault on Saturday. She was very grateful to be able to experience another invite as she is here at Shadow as a foreign exchange student. 

“I loved having the possibility to see and compete with people of a higher level. It was a day full of emotions. We had to be there for 8 hours. It was very intense under the sun and heat. However, I had a great time, met a lot of people, and learned so much.”

Going to track meets and invitationals can help support the school and the track team. This invitational was the last one of this year, and now, the remaining athletes move forward to championships, regionals and state. To join the track team next year, information can be found online starting next year on the Shadow Ridge website

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