2020-2021 Yearbook “VirtuALLy Together”


Photo Courtesy of: Tania Mason

The cover of the 2020-2021 yearbook.

Abigail Davis, Campus Life Editor

The yearbook lives on! Despite the unprecedented circumstances of this school year, students will still be able to look back at these times documented in the form of a yearbook. This is thanks to the yearbook advisor, Mrs. Mason, and the yearbook staff. Although the yearbook will not be as big as Shadow Ridge students are used to, the yearbook staff is still working diligently to gather pictures, stories, and memories to put in the yearbook.

The theme for the yearbook this year is “VirtuALLy Together.” Regardless of students and staff not being physically together in school yet, they have been able to connect with each other online and virtually. Though this way of interaction and learning has its challenges, it’s important to remember that everyone’s working through this year together.

To get all the photos needed for the yearbook, Mrs. Mason says, “We have had to crowdsource all the photos. I send massive emails hoping to get responses. I’m lucky if I get one or two people out of 3000 to respond. Students are reaching out to friends and friends of friends, but this also limits our outreach.”

The yearbook staff has been contacting students for pictures and putting spreads together. In order to have a more complete yearbook, they hope for the return of in-person school next semester. Students and parents can help support the yearbook too.

Mrs. Mason explains, “Students and parents can just send pictures that have a story. That would be the greatest help of all. It doesn’t matter the topic, we will figure out a way to include it. For example, Halloween just passed, and it would be great if students shared their Halloween photos. We are looking for students who have interesting hobbies and passions who would like to share.”

Because of the smaller yearbook size, the price will also be reduced. Yearbooks should go on sale in January. However, yearbooks will not be passed out at the end of the year, but in August. This is in an effort to try to get everything possible in the yearbook. While senior pictures have already taken place, there has not been a final decision reached about school pictures for the rest of the grades.

“We are just looking for any kind of pictures for students to share. We want to tell their stories, and this is a great year to do that,” Mrs. Mason shares.

Pictures can be sent to Mrs. Mason at [email protected]