Summer Vacation Spots


Lena Harris

California is a popular place that many students visit during summer.

Lena Harris, Journalist

With school ending in about 7 weeks, Shadow Ridge students are very excited to start summer. Over the summer,  many students travel out of state, or even go on stay-cations downtown at one of the many hotels. Neighboring states like California and Utah are popular spots, although the possibilities are endless during the next two months until the new school year begins. 

Sophomore Isabella Zane often visits California, she enjoys spending time with her family and going to the beach. 

“I think California is my favorite place to visit during the summer. I love the weather over there, they also have a lot of great beach shops so I tend to shop a lot while I am there.”

California seems to be the most popular place that summer-goers visit. Many students have family in California, or love to visit some of the beaches and shops that they have. Florida, Utah, Texas, and other states are also very popular visits. These places have theme parks and stores that Vegas might not have. Older students tend to also tour a lot of colleges while they travel for vacation. 

Junior Emma Clement visited a few universities last summer. She loved touring the campuses and hopes to visit again soon.

“I think visiting colleges is very important as you get older. I am going to be a senior next year, so these tours are crucial for me. I want to make sure I will be comfortable in the area and that the school has everything I am looking for prior to applying.” 

Where do you visit during summer?


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Whether teens are just visiting some family and friends, looking at schools, or just taking a nice vacation, summertime is a very enjoyable time for most students. Vegas has many hotels, and stay-cations are a popular occurrence. A lot of people do not visit the hotels a lot since the strip is further away from a lot of students’ houses. 

Zane continues, “I plan to start working during the summer as well since I want to start saving for college, it is never too early to start and I might as well take advantage of the time.”

Cruises, camping, hiking, studying for a permit test, working and other activities also take place during the summer. A lot of popular places by Shadow Ridge are currently hiring. Most of these places understand that once school starts students could become inconsistent with their jobs, this is why they offer limited time summer jobs or offer them part-time. Overall most people are busy or hanging out with friends while they have the extra time. Students can even take courses over the summer in order to get ahead of the next year.