Possible Pickleball Party


Gustavo Crawford

Grand Teton and Bradley fields.

Gustavo Crawford, Journalist

Pickle ball has been around since 1965. According to a news report by pickleball professionals more than 36 million people participated in pickleball in 2021. That’s a huge difference from 2019 which was 3.46 million participants. Students at Shadow think that building a pickleball court at Grand Teton and Bradley would be really fun and a great family activity.

I definitely support the idea of it being built.

— Kaden Moya

Kaden Moya, sophomore, says, “I think a pickleball court would be really cool. I would definitely bring out some friends and play like a mini tournament. I think I would be really good at pickleball since I play on the tennis team.¨

Pickleball is very similar to tennis. It is played with large plastic paddles and a ball with holes. Most tennis players dominate the game.

Hudson Hooge, sophomore, states, ¨I like the idea because I live on Grand Teton and it is close to me and most of my friends. One problem I think is that from May to September it’s way too hot to play unless there is a water station to get cooled off in. I would be dripping a sweat 5 minutes in.¨

Las Vegas can get up to the low 100’s in the summer. Pickleball is much more of a fall/winter activity/sport.

Pickleball equipment at walmart.

Sam Stahl, sophomore says,¨I think it’s a great idea to add a pickleball court on Grand Teton. It’s a fun game to play and it helps me a lot with hand eye coordination. I feel like the court would be taken up a lot from other people playing pickleball and for tennis teams so chances of getting access to the court is lower.¨

Pickleball is a great way to develop simple and athletic skills like concentration and muscular endurance.

Logan Noice sophomore, says, ¨I’m not really much into sports especially pickleball. I would rather just play tennis. I still think having a court nearby would be cool if I would want to play every once in a while.¨

Some people don’t really have much interest in a pickleball court being built. They still might check it out to see if it’s enjoyable.

Freshman, Skyler Fife, says, ¨I think it would be cool for a pickleball court considering it’s only a 15 minute walk. I play pickleball in PE sometimes and I love doing it. I am competitive and I think that building a court right next to the soccer fields would be nice because I can play both on the same day.¨