Passing The Permit



Decatur DMV is the closest DMV to Shadow Ridge.

Lena Harris, Journalist

As high-school students go into their sophomore year they begin to turn 16. Most of these young adults want to start driving. Driving is a big responsibility, and a big step in life. In Nevada, to get a permit, a driver must be 15 ½. With a lot of students working to study for their permits each year, there are a lot of new drivers on the road. 

In order to pass the Nevada permit test, people are encouraged to study the rule-book thoroughly. There are also many apps that can help with the studying process like the DMV app and Zutobi. These applications randomize the questions and show pictures, just like the real test. There are also several online practice tests and programs that can help even further. 

Sophomore Maya Garay got her permit back in November, and since then has been working to get her hours that are required for her license appointment in May. 

“At first, I found it difficult to drive but I got used to it the more that I got behind the wheel. I had to remind myself that I was the one in control, and to believe in myself.” 

After the participant makes their appointment, there are several documents that are needed prior to going to the DMV. These include the attendance form, bank statements with a proof of address, DMV application for driving privileges or ID card paper, which requires an in-person signature. The attendance form must be signed by the upper office, but the rest of the papers can be completed at the DMV, although to save time it is recommended to have them already. The DMV will also ask for a social security card, birth certificate and $26.50 to take the test.

Sophomore Preslee Lafreniere got her permit back in September and plans to get her license by next month. 

“I am so excited to get my license. I feel like driving opens up a lot more opportunities, especially working during the summer and even after school when parents can not always give you a ride.”

The Nevada permit test has 20-25 randomized questions. If the participant has no errors in the first 20 questions, the last 5 are exempted and they have passed the quiz. If a mistake is made, they will have to take the last 5. If they get 6 questions wrong, they fail. If they pass successfully they will wait in a queue for their number to be called, sign some more documents, take a vision test, pay for their card, and finally take their picture for their permit card that will be mailed to them.

In order to get a license, the individual must have their permit for 6 months and complete a total of 60 hours, 50 in the daytime and 10 at night then take their in-person test with an instructor. There are several rules that must be followed and achieved before getting a license, these can be found on the DMV website

Garay continues, “Getting your permit as soon as possible is worth it. I have already improved so much and I know my improvement will increase even more as I get more experience driving.”

After getting a permit, most new drivers start out in the parking lot, then once they are more comfortable they can move onto the road and eventually the highway. Having an adult that you trust to teach you to drive is often preferred, but there are options outside of this if this is unavailable or uncomfortable. Driving school is very popular in the North Las Vegas area, these cars can be recognized by their bright colors and large signs that read, “Caution, student driver” all around the vehicle. Driving school can help new drivers to get used to the road and other factors that might be scarier when driving with family members. Often driving school cars have a steering wheel and brake on their side of the car just in case of an emergency. This can help the new driver to feel more secure.