Gustavo Crawford

Getting a leg workout in LVAC.

Gustavo Crawford, Journalist

The Las Vegas athletic club (LVAC) on 6050 N. Decatur Blvd., North Las Vegas, is packed with students from Shadow Ridge. Ever since January 1st, students have wanted to get into better shape. LVAC is a perfect choice to do so. It’s only $15 a month for a membership and it includes a sauna, pools, and a lot of gym equipment. There is also a café with smoothies, protein shakes, and protein bowls.

Jake Frehner, sophomore says, ¨I really like the gym and all the equipment. There are so many machines and different exercises I could do. The one downside is it’s packed. Sometimes I’ll have to wait 10 to 15 minutes for machine I want and I still don’t always get it then I just have to go use another exercise.¨

Most kids and adults are signing up because of the price. This means lots of customers and a packed gym.

Anthony Montensanti, sophomore states, ¨I like that they have a smoothie place. The shakes are actually really good and nutritional. I really like getting the teriyaki bowls that they serve. I would get them more if they weren’t so expensive.¨

One of the best shakes I’ve had

— Anthony Montesanti

Smoothies and food cost anywhere from $7 – $14. Most students think it’s overpriced considering a monthly membership which starts at $15 is almost the same price as for one meal.

Dominic Jimenez, sophomore says, ¨Great gym, I would definitely recommend to more intermediate and advanced lifters. A better beginner gym would be Planet Fitness. The reasoning is they have slightly heavier weights and less range of weights than Planet Fitness. It also has a little more complex machines. There are a lot more people at LVAC which can give beginner gym anxiety and think they are being judged.¨

Beginners can feel nervous to go to the gym. Not having a plan or not knowing how to use the machines only makes it worse.

Doing preacher curls. (Henry Horne)

Henry Horne, sophomore says, ¨I love LVAC because of all my friends that go. I can work out with them and have a buddy to always go to the gym with. This motivates me to go more. A complaint I have are the policies. I definitely think a gym like Planet Fitness has better rules, like unlimited guest passes.¨

For a guest pass, it costs an additional $8. Members only get two guest passes a month.  People don’t really like this rule because they can’t bring in friends who don’t have a membership or they can rarely bring them in.