Ms. Shipp: Lariat Superfan


Carlee Stuart, Journalist

“Words cannot express how much I love the Lariat,” states the newspaper’s biggest fan, Ms. Missy Shipp. Since the beginning, Shipp has been an avid supporter watching the publication grow. She loves reading to know what is going on around the Ridge, Las Vegas, and the world. 

She says, “I love getting coverage of different foods, movies, and events because it keeps me young at heart and in the know.”

Full coverage about anything trendy or important going on keeps everyone informed. Shipp loves reading anything the newspaper has to offer. As the articles are always changing, she is there to read and stay updated.

“From performances, plays, clubs, teachers, sports, to cool things to do in Vegas I stay entertained. The Lariat is the whole spectrum of the rainbow for me. I always know where to go when I need information, and that is the school paper,” said Shipp.

With each new season, there are new events to be written and read about. After years of experiencing the Lariat, Shipp knows what to expect and is always ready. 

She stated, “From the newspapers being held physically, to the website, to the app, I have watched it evolve over the last 9 years that I’ve been here at Shadow.”

The Lariat covering all topics allows Shipp to have something new and fun to read. She has read about all kinds of topics because of her loyalty and devotion to the news site. She is also a main contributor to the publication by always sharing ideas with the staff and advisors. 

My life would not be the same without the Lariat.

— Ms.Shipp

“With the writing, articles, stories, coverage, it is just phenomenal,” says Shipp. “Anytime I have a crazy idea or need something covered that might not be on the journalist’s radar I text or email Ms.Smith and she goes right away to cover it.”

She is always catching up on the new information covered on the Lariat. It’s important for her to know what is going on. She also urges many other Shadow staff and friends to read the Lariat.

Shipp states, “Every chance I get, mostly on the weekends, I get caught up on all of the articles and everything. It is just so good. I always try to send recent articles to the admin with the link. I really send it to everybody.”

She is always staying up to date and helping others to do the same. As Shipp has watched the publication grow, her appreciation for the newspaper staff has also grown.

She says, “I really appreciate all the journalism students and staff – Ms. Smith and Mr. Forbes – they have been doing a wonderful, phenomenal job and Shadow would not be the same without the source of the Lariat.”

Shipp is such a wonderful supporter of the Lariat. From all her ideas to comments and interaction, it shows how much she loves the newspaper site. There is never a moment where she does not know what is going on around Shadow and Las Vegas. Her encouragement is much appreciated as she sustains engagement for the news source.