Dancing for the Ridge

Chloe Reoyo, Journalist

Dance is very important at Shadow. Coach Jill Breckenridge offers Dance I,II and III classes and she is also the coach of the Shadow Ridge Dance Team. Junior, Rensemee Vento is a Dance III student and is planning on joining the dance team next year. Dancing is a way to escape, and express feelings without words. 

One of my first inspirations was Adam Gary from “Step Up All In,” it was one of the first dance movies I watched. When I was watching it, I was amazed by his talent and the way that he really put emotion into his dance. Then, I knew I wanted to dance and be like him or any of the dancers I’ve seen growing up.

— Rensemee Vento

“What I like most about dancing is that there’s always something to learn that you don’t already know. Dancing is a learning experience, the more I go to class everyday the more I learn about working together and putting my mind into dancing. Creating new dances and even just watching someone put their dance together is what I love about dancing,” explains Vento. 

But just like in every sport, it’s not always easy, it takes a lot of practice and it can be stressful when dancers don’t know how to execute a step. 

Vento says, “The thing I like least about dancing is when you’re in Dance III you have a little more independence to create your own dance. Creating dance for me is hard so when given that assignment I always have to ask for help because I’m not good at creating. Another thing I don’t like about it is sometimes you don’t have the best day and it’s hard to put on your dancing face and be full energy. After class is done you feel bad because you wanted to do well but you just couldn’t.” 

Vento in dance class (Photo Courtesy of: Rensemee Vento)

Dance is a sport that is often criticized, many people agree to call it art but not to call it a sport. However, dancers all agree that it is indeed a sport, it requires much physical effort.

“I think dance is a very technical thing but also free for all, dance opens up all parts of your mind too… moving your body is like exercising or using your mind is working the brain, and when you do all theses things while creating a dance in a little amount of time, it’s really harder than most people think, most people don’t even know there’s a dance team until they go to an assembly and see them dance, dancing is like art, it uses every part of your body and mind, dance should get way more credit than it does,” comments Vento. 

Vento would love to join the school dance team next year, to fully have fun during her last year of high school. 

“I would love to join the dance team, but I never really had the chance to. I would like to join the dance team because it’s more time spent doing what I love, being able to be a part of a team that also loves dancing is what makes me want to be a part of the team. I also want to learn more from people who are good at dancing; it’s always one of my favorite things about dancing. I also like the cute dance team outfits they have,” explains Vento.

Vento with her friends (Photo Courtesy of: Renesmee Vento)

Some athletes prefer practice because they get to try new things, improve their skills and wear more comfortable clothes. On the other hand, some athletes prefer competitions because they get to see how they deal with stress, and apply what they have been practicing for months. 

“I think I like the shows more. Because I get to see all of the dances that were created because we don’t get to see much of the other classes or their dances, so it’s always nice to go and see the show and see what they have created over time. There’s always something different to see when you’re watching the show and there’s so much positive energy,” tells Vento. 

People are often inspired by famous people but also by people who surround them, since they know them better, they know who their inspirations truly are. They are also the people who taught them so it creates a strong connection between them.

“My dance teacher is probably one of my inspirations, she’s very inspiring, she loves teaching dance and I think she puts all her time into her students and we see that she’s very mindful of what she does for us; she wants us to be the best we can be and put the most we can put into dance,” reflects Vento.