What is the Best Fast Food Burger?

Cooper Bishop, Journalist

According to a CNN article, 37% of adults in America eat fast food on any given day. Now, it is time to determine what fast food chain has the best burger.

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One of the most popular fast food chains, if not the most popular, is McDonald’s. McDonald’s most popular burger is the famous Big Mac. The Big Mac is 550 calories and consists of 8 ingredients. According to an article by USA Today, McDonald’s sells 550 million Big Macs every year in just America alone.

“I like the Big Mac, it’s pretty good and it’s cheap, it just doesn’t stand out to me too much,” says senior John Dunn.

Maybe the most controversial fast food place is In-N-Out. In-N-Out’s are only on the west coast and some swear that it is the best fast food burger. Others say that it is extremely overrated and not very good.

“In-N-Out’s Double-Double has a very nice consistency with lots of good sauce that always satisfies my stomach, and makes my taste buds want more,” says freshman Joe Cook.

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Enjoyers of In-N-Out like the fresh, quality ingredients with the simple menu the most. Customers also value how cheap the prices are for how much food they get. The In-N-Out Double Double is 590 calories and costs $3.45 so it is a good deal for a large burger.

“I dislike In-N-Out because of how much everyone else likes it. I don’t think the food is horrible but it is worse than most other fast food places. The fries are bland, the burger is soggy, and messy,” says junior Madison Largo.

I don’t have a favorite, I don’t like favorites.”

— James Crane

Another burger that isn’t as popular but still some people’s favorite is the Wendy’s cheeseburger. Wendy’s is mostly loved for their amazing 4 for 4 meal. The 4 for 4 meal consists of a sandwich, french fries, chicken nuggets, and a drink for $4.00. Some consider it the best deal of all fast food chains.

Sophomore Cody Krate states, “The 4 for 4 meal is maybe the greatest thing in the world. I will sometimes just order 2 4 for 4 meals and substitute the drink on one for a frosty, $8.00 for that much food is crazy.”

Wendy’s also has an upgraded version called the Biggie Bag. It’s the same as the 4 for 4 meal but has a larger sandwich in the meal. 

So the debate is all decided by the customer, some value price, some value quality, and some value how good the burger is for them.