Ice Around the Ridge


Karissa Murdoch

Bree Farimond having some fun with the puddles.

Karissa Murdoch , Journalist

Recently around The Ridge, following the extra rainfall and the cold temperatures in Vegas, puddles are turning to ice around campus. Several precautions have been taken like covering the ice with sand to minimize slippage, or cones to alert others that the ground is slick. However, many ice spots lay uncovered and more slippery than ever. Shadow Ridge students have to be more vigilant and pay attention walking around campus. 

Sophomore, Madison Miller says, “I watched some girl almost slip, glad that it was not me doing any of the slipping. Who wants to slip and fall on campus? I know I absolutely do not want to.” 

Teachers started taking the problem into their own hands by looking out for the well being of their students making sure they avoid the slipping hazards. Weight training coach Heather “Mac” McEnaney took it upon herself to cover a large patch of ice outside the women’s locker room with bright orange cones to alert that the puddle was indeed frozen.

“I don’t want any of my students to slip and fall, I figured I might as well try to help them out,” says Coach Mac. 

The ice, while dangerous, was a source of entertainment for many Mustang students. Many kids were taking the opportunity to have a little fun in the frozen puddles around campus. 

“I saw a few kids sliding around, I thought it was sort of funny and they seemed to enjoy it. I’m glad someone found a way to make the best of a slippery situation,” says sophomore Bree Farimond. 

Though the ice will probably be a short lived occurrence at Shadow Ridge due to the rising temperatures right around the corner, many students have noticed the inconvenience it has caused around campus. 

Miller says, “I can’t lie it was kind of annoying trying to get around with ice puddles everywhere. The quad is already crowded enough and now trying to get around people makes it ten times harder to get from point A to point B.” 

Luckily, ice and cold temperatures shouldn’t be an issue too much longer as temperatures are supposed to be back up into the mid to high forties for the lows of the days and into the high fifties and low sixties come next week. Rain is also not on the forecast for the near future which means Vegas sunshine is to come very soon.

I can’t wait for it to be warm again. ”

— Bree Farimond