Prevention of Climate Change

Lena Harris, Journalism

Climate change is an ongoing, worldwide problem. Animals are being forced out of their homes due to habitat loss and with ice glaciers melting and global warming increasing, the planet is set up for failure if people do not implement change within the next ten years

The ice in Alaska reflects the sunlight, preventing the planet from getting warmer. Without the ice, the planet warms, animals lose their homes, and old bacteria is released into the oceans waters creating imbalance and possible infection. This is only part of the problem as rain forests and other habitats are also affected.

English teacher Mr. Forbes says, “I try to reduce my carbon footprint by doing little things such as turning off all lights after leaving the room, taking the stairs instead of the elevator when possible, and not cranking the thermostat too much during the peak seasons of hot and cold.”

These little things really do make a difference. In order to prevent climate change from occurring, students can do other things like reduce their usage of single-use plastic, use less water, recycle, and many other things. Finding alternatives to everyday routines or objects can be hard, but the result is worth it. Reducing carbon dioxide emissions can help humans save the Earth’s atmosphere and live better lives in general.

Sophomore Alexis Gonzalez hates the idea of climate change and does things like use reusable baggies to reduce her carbon footprint. 

“I use reusable baggies at lunchtime to reduce how much plastic I am using. I also use other washable containers for things like my sandwiches. These are very convenient because I have more space and can even use the lid to place other food items down. “ 

According to The Nature Conservancy, if people don’t stop the temperature from rising, the planet could be in some trouble. Earth has already been experiencing hotter summers, oceans, and problems with storms. The #OnlyOneEarth hashtag was chosen for the World Environment Day 2022 campaign and it has stuck in many peoples’ minds since. Earth does not have a planet B, so saving our Earth should be the first priority.

How are you working to reduce your carbon footprint?


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