Why Are Dogs Better Than Cats?


Photo courtesy of Elaina Smith

Elaina Smith’s dog Rosie

Karissa Murdoch , Journalist

Many families all over the world find comfort, joy, and companionship in having a family pet. For many, dogs are the perfect pet. Dogs are loyal, loving, smart, cuddly, and overall a major part of any family. 

Shadow Ridge students definitely fall into the dog lover category because of their loving personalities.

“I like dogs better because normally they like to cuddle more and like being by your side,” sophomore Kali Hamilton says. “Cats just typically want to be left alone.” 

Sophomore, Madison Miller is very passionate about her love for dogs, she prefers their personality over cats.

“I think that dogs are superior to cats because dogs are loyal and know how to have fun and do things. Cats are just mean and sit there doing nothing. They don’t even like humans like, hello, what is that. Like who likes to be scratched ? Not me. Dogs are just better in every way.”

Though dogs may leave toys on the floor and even a pile of slobber, cats take up room as well. Many prefer dogs over cats because they take up less space in the house. 

“Dogs are better than cats because they do not use a litter box that takes up a lot of room, and gets litter everywhere,” sophomore McCall Hales. 


— Madison Miller

While cats may be a furry friend that is easy to have around, dogs do the same but also can provide entertainment and are fun to play with. Many prefer dogs because they are more interactive as opposed to the independent cat. 

Sophomore Elaina Smith says, “Personally, I think dogs have a lot more personality than cats and are therefore, better.”

Miller also says, “A dog does everything a cat does, but about ten times better. They are fluffy and can be nice every so often which is about the only good part of a cat.”

The majority of those who prefer dogs like them for their loving nature and their protective instincts while always staying loyal to their owners. 

Sophomore Aubrey Jaramillo says, “I like dogs better because they are more playful and you can cuddle with them, they always know when you’re sad or hurt and they will always cheer you up and they can protect you unlike cats that just shy away.”

Most Mustangs prefer the companionship and love of a dog over the independent personality of a cat.