Instagram’s New Quiet Mode

Quiet Mode on Instagram

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Quiet Mode on Instagram

Lena Harris, Journalist

Instagram has recently released a new feature on their app called Quiet Mode, “a new way to manage your time and focus.” According to Forbes, “It means that when it is enabled, all notifications are paused and the profile’s activity status will change to say ‘In quiet mode’” and all direct messages will receive an automatic reply saying that the mode is turned on. 

Sophomore Alexis Gonzalez explains, “I really love the new feature. I use Instagram pretty often and I find that sometimes I get distracted and might even neglect my work. With Quiet Mode I am able to focus better.”

Quiet mode has been specifically geared towards teenagers because of the excessive amounts of time most of them spend on social media platforms. Other teens might just be looking for a way to focus on school or just temporarily silence the app in general. This feature is adjustable to fit the needs of any individual, because time away is important. 

An example of Instagram’s Quiet Mode. Users can choose how long they want it to stay on. (Courtesy of Google Images)

Instagram is just one of the apps that has added a quiet setting. A lot of platforms have been prioritizing taking time away from the screen. They have added other features all to benefit users’ needs and further assist in communication and expression of feelings. These include Instagram Notes and Not Interested buttons for the recommendations on the explore page. 

Sophomore Preslee Lafreniere says, “Quiet Mode has really improved my focus. I love how it lets people who message you know that you have it on.”

With this new feature being added, those who spend most of their time on Instagram can silence and limit their time spent on the app. Teenagers who do not want to silence everything can easily limit their activity on Instagram with the slide of a button. Do Not Disturb options are available on iPhone but since this new feature lets other users know that this person is away from their device, it can reassure them that they’re not being ignored purposely.

Gonzalez continues, “By setting a time limit for myself I am able to get more work done. I have been feeling more productive since this feature came out, I think it will be very beneficial towards Instagram users.”

Applying screen time or limits to apps can be beneficial to any age group. Technology comes as both an advantage and disadvantage in the long run. 

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