Stevens is Climbing to the Top

Aspen Stevens playing her violin.

Photo Courtesy of: Aspen Stevens

Aspen Stevens playing her violin.

Savanna McDow, Journalist

Shadow Ridge has many unique choices regarding the arts, especially the performing arts. Music plays a significant role in the number of students interested in these groups, especially orchestra. With many golden opportunities, students like Aspen Stevens take advantage of the chance to be a part of the symphony. 

Stevens is an orchestra student at the Ridge who lets nothing get in the way of becoming better and better every day. Playing the violin since she was a young girl paved the path that Stevens is on now with the knowledge of how to play not one but three different instruments. 

“I first wanted to play violin because my whole family plays instruments, but they all played cello. So I wanted to try something different and decided to play the violin instead of the cello. I started playing in first grade and have been playing ever since,” Stevens explains. 

With the resolve to dedicate most of her time, interests, and passion to learning more about the instruments she can and wants to play, Stevens continues to become very successful in her abilities. 

Even though Stevens did not play the cello like the rest of her family, she still decided to play the piano like they do, adding to the list of talents she has. On top of the piano and the violin, Stevens has learned how to play the viola within the last year. 

I think Aspen is, without a doubt, one of the most impressive students I’ve ever had. She is destined for success, it’s only a matter of time.

— Edward Richards ~ Orchestra Director

“I think it’s just the determination, the want to get better, and to continue improving that kept me going from learning as a kid through high school. I also like playing the violin, so it was an easy decision.” Stevens continues, “Out of all three, I like violin the most because it comes more naturally to me, and you can do so many things on it. Of course, I’ve also been playing it the longest, which heavily influences my opinion.”

In the process of learning so many different things, there are many times when certain parts are easier than others. For Stevens, the more challenging aspects came initially and only got easier.

Though Stevens knows the road to success will not be an easy slope from here, she still shoots for the moon in getting accepted into BYU, majoring in orchestra, and joining the symphony orchestra. 

“The viola was the easiest, and violin was the hardest to learn. I learned how to play the viola after learning how to play the violin, and they’re very similar. But, I think learning to play the violin was the hardest because it was my first instrument, and I’ve never made music before then,” states Stevens. 

Aspen Stevens with her family on vacation. (Photo Courtesy of: Aspen Stevens )

On top of being a star student and star orchestra student, Stevens is a baker, reader, and musician, all in her free time. She sells cakes with her small business and loves to read historical fiction and fantasy novels. 

Stevens will continue accomplishing many things

and complete tasks she never thought possible. With many years ahead to plan her future, there is only taking it step by step and shooting for the moon as Stevens does.