Should Frisbee Golf be a Sport at Shadow?

Gustavo Crawford, Journalist

Students at Shadow Ridge want to add another sport to the school’s program. Some students who attend Shadow would like to have frisbee golf as a sport. Frisbee golf is a pretty well known sport and pretty interesting for some people.

Frisbee golf, also known as disc golf, has been around since the early 1900’s is very similar to golf where a player throws a frisbee into a goal and the same rules apply as to traditional golf. Frisbee golf is a fun and enjoyable game to play with family and friends. 

¨I would dominate if frisbee golf came to school.¨

— Trevor Grondahl

Sophomore, Trevor Grondahl who has been playing frisbee golf for a while and has lots of experience says, ¨I think Frisbee golf would be an unusual but cool addition to school sports. I might consider joining it if I can still do my other sports without frisbee golf interfering.¨

The trick, however, would be figuring out when frisbee golf would fit in an already packed sports schedule.

Freshman, Kyson Rollo remarks, ¨I think frisbee golf is a great idea for a school sport. It takes lots of skill and calculation to throw the frisbee far and on line. I think it would be a good competitive sport against friends.¨

Trevor Grondahl throws a frisbee into the goal.

Some students have different opinions about frisbee golf. A handful of students think frisbee golf would be a beneficial and excellent sport. Others think it wouldn’t really be a good addition to Shadow Ridge sports.

Sophomore, Logan Noice says, ¨I don’t think frisbee golf would be a good addition to school sports because it’s not really competitive from my perspective but it’s really fun to play with friends if we are just goofing around and want to find something to do but not a good school sport.¨

Students say that frisbee golf isn’t so competitive and they think it’s a game to just have fun with.

Sophomore Drew Torres shares, “I think frisbee golf would be pretty interesting and cool to have at the school. There is one problem which is that Vegas is very windy which makes frisbee golf a lot harder because the wind moves the frisbee. I am also confused on where they would build a course for this school and what other schools would have frisbee golf.¨

A frisbee golf course would be tough to build because there isn’t enough space outside of Shadow Ridge and all the other sports they have.

Freshman Jacob Rand says, “I think frisbee golf is super fun and not a bad idea to bring to school but I don’t think anyone will attend the games or join the team because frisbee golf isn’t that competitive. I think that not many more schools would want to do it so there wouldn’t really be any other teams to play against.”