Game Club

Karissa Murdoch, Journalist

Shadow Ridge hosts its game club on Thursday after school until around 3 pm where students can meet in the advisor Ms. Rebecca Cleveland’s room to play a variety of board games, video games, card games, strategy games and more with their peers. Game Club started during the 2019-2020 school year but Ms. Cleveland took the club over during the 2021-2022 school year and made it what it is today. Game Club is easy to join and experience the awaiting fun.

My favorite part about Game Club is how friendly the people are. As long as you’re willing to be open and ask, the other people there will be accepting to let you play. It’s definitely worth coming to Game Club everyday on Thursday.

— Nicholas Moreno

“Students that are interested in trying it out just have to show up, if they are interested in coming more regularly I will have them fill out a form so they are in the system and can get updates,” says Cleveland.

Games are provided, but students are more than welcome to bring games in as well.

“Many students bring games, Game Club has games, in terms of video game systems, that’s up to the kids to bring and it is their responsibility to make sure it stays ok,” says Cleveland.

Of all the games they have to offer, one seems to stand out among the rest.

“The most popular game is Throw Throw Burrito,” says Cleveland. “It is a dodgeball card game where you try to find sets of cards and throw plushie burritos.”

There are many types of games, and video games are a big hit within the club.

“The video game side they are constantly playing Smash Brothers on the switch,” Cleveland adds.

Cleveland enjoys Game Club just as much as the kids and has passion for spreading her love for games.

Cleveland says, “I love showing new games to kids, whether it is a game I grew up playing with my family, like I recently showed them the Mexican Train domino game which they liked, but I like to show them games and that is rewarding.”

Many amazing additions are donated by students.

“Throw Throw Burrito has an expansion which a student donated called Throw Throw Avocado combines the two games, it is good to see that the students also love the games,” Cleveland says.

Game Club welcomes all students who would like to join, students who are interested can check out the clubs website.