Chief Key Clubber


Key Club! (Courtesy of: Ann Margaret De Guzman)

Talor Gitman, Journalist

One of four total Lt. Governors of the Key Club organization of Division 28 west, senior Ann Margaret De Guzman, serves and educates newcoming Key Clubbers. Including nine of Las Vegas’ high schools, Division 28 west targets Key Club newcomers, welcoming and guiding them in joining this wonderful organization. All while providing information for newcomers, De Guzman also works to plan and initiate meetings; finding new ways to contribute to local communities.

De Guzman explains how, “as Lt. Governor, I am part of the California-Nevada-Hawaii (CNH) Key Club district board, and I serve as a liaison between the district and my division, division 28 west.”

A part of Key Club for four years now, holding and arranging several different events in which provide opportunities for those to give back, De Guzman ensures the chance of interacting in support services to key clubbers.

I also host division council meetings, in which the schools in the division meet to discuss ideas and plans for their clubs. In addition, I plan training conferences along with three other Lt. Governors in Las Vegas that educate our members about Key Club and membership,” De Guzman says.

Key Club (Courtesy of: Ann Margaret De Guzman)

Assuring members and people within the community, De Guzman strives in attaining her hard earned position as Lt. Governor, in providing for, and educating both current and new key clubbers. While planning district meetings, she also makes sure to put in the effort in order to fulfill future charitable events, giving back to the public. 

De Guzman provides with “resources to help grow Key Clubs, and fulfill our mission of serving our homes, schools, and communities; and I communicate with the district to update them about their progress and current events.”

In having an important role within the Key Club community, De Guzman works hard in making sure to upkeep and organize events and meetings, administered by Key Club’s division 28 west. Not only arranging gatherings, but also influencing and inspiring others to give back to their communities, De Guzman finds great pleasure in the impact that her position as Lt. Governor can have on students hoping to join Key Club, looking forward to providing for others.

De Guzman finds joy in her job as Lt. Governor in stating, “I love meeting so many Key Clubbers! I love being able to serve the organization on a greater level, as it has given and taught me so much.”