Right on Target


Photo Courtesy of: Nicole Deutsch

Shadow Ridges archers hard at work.

Savanna McDow, Journalist

  Adding more variety to the Ridge, the Archery Club shoots its way to the top of the list for the extracurriculars offered. Advised by Shadow teacher Curtis Krohn, the club packs a lot of fun and surprises for all its members. 

Having been a club that started around eight years ago but was cut short due to the school years spent online, archery has been an active club for a consistent four years. The Archery Club offers a welcoming environment where everyone is accepted and ready to learn all they can.

“In a word: enjoyable. At the end of every session, I am excited for these guys for what they have accomplished and how they have been able to roll with this activity. I feel true pride and gratitude for what they have done,” states Krohn. 

Mr. Krohn breaks down each step when you are trying to understand what to do, making the learning process much smoother. Along with peers who are also just learning and are helpful, the whole process becomes enjoyable.”

— Isabella Fleckenstein

A certain excitement and appreciation is expressed when the members meet each week. Archers experience anticipation for what will come next when learning to become an archer and the bonds built that were never expected. 

“I was nervous when I first joined and weary when first getting out there because, at first, I did not hit the target at all. But, over time, I was able to get closer to the middle of the target, and I felt accomplished and continued to do that.” Archer Jay Descutido explains, “The club helped me make many friends and get more social. It helped me talk to more people and make more friends here than I have in my regular classes.”

While having lots of fun, the club does get down to business, competing in a tournament against other schools in the district. With opportunities to show all their built skill and technique, the club takes the time to practice hard and work to raise their standards. 

“Having the person next to you and then actually shooting your arrows, there is a little something that automatically brings your skill set up because there is completion.” Krohn continues, “However, this is one of those things where it is an individual activity. All you need is you, you can be shooting with a hundred different people, but the only one you are competing against is yourself.”

A hard working archer at work. (Photo Courtesy of: Nicole Deutsch)

When looking under the surface, the club does much more than teach students how to use a bow and arrow. Instead, archery is a gateway for some to fully express themselves, learn about who they are, and find someone who will always lend a helping hand.

Junior archer Amber Honeycutt states, “I have been a perfectionist for a while, and it can get pretty draining. Even so, over at archery, Mr. Krohn has helped me feel more accomplished in my shots and made me feel better even though I am not making them all in the middle. I realized that those standards do not have to be the final product.”

The Archery Club serves many purposes and has something for each participant to learn and discover about themselves. The club meets enough times each week to create a strong bond that goes beyond hitting the bullseye.