Prospering at Shadow


Summer Prospero

Ms Prospero at her graduation

Violet Flanagan, Editor in Chief

Summer Prospero is Shadow Ridge’s newest English teacher. After being a student teacher for Mrs. Smith for almost a year, she is now entering her career as a full time teacher. She recently took over Mrs. Sepulvida’s classes after her retirement, which have been in need of a teacher for quite some time now. 

Young, funny, and well liked by all students, Ms. Prospero is officially the 9th grade’s coolest teacher.

Shadow’s newest English teacher

“I teach English 9 Honors , and I’ve been teaching for literally two weeks,” says Prospero.

She is motivated by her desire to give students the help that wasn’t available to her when she was in school.


“I wanted to help kids do better in English because I never had an English teacher who helped me,” she says.

During her time teaching Dual Credit English with Mrs. Smith, Ms. Prospero learned a lot. “I loved everything about teaching with Ms. Smith. The students were great obviously, but I think the best part was learning from her because she’s a really good teacher and I learned a lot.” 

Mrs. Smith is also a big fan of Ms. Prospero and she really enjoyed her time working with her. 

Ms. Prospero in her cap and gown (Summer Prospero)

“Everyday was likea carnival cruise. I would sit here in a depressed state until she would show up at my door every morning and ring the doorbell, and when she would ring my doorbell, it was like the Fourth of July. I would become so excited and happy because I knew that the day was going to be a great day.”

Mrs. Smith is also confident in Ms. Prospero’s abilities as a teacher, and is excited to see where she will go from here. 

“Ms. Prospero is definitely more patient than I am. She has a very soft voice, yet she seems to think that she’s yelling all the time,” says Mrs. Smith. “She remembers every conversation she has with every student, which is amazing.”

So far Ms. Prospero has had a great time teaching, but she is definitely still learning.

“My biggest challenge teaching so far is probably that they never stop talking,” she says.

Outside of school, Ms. Prospero spends her free time on her hobbies and also taking care of her new puppy, Murphy.

“I like watching movies, I just got a puppy. He’s a golden retriever and his name is Murphy. Oh reading, I like reading too.”

Overall, Shadow is lucky to have a teacher like Ms. Prospero, and everyone can’t wait to see where she goes from here.