Preparing for Spring Sports

Lena Harris, Journalist

Every sports season is important to student athletes. The dedication and hours of practice that they put in inside and outside of school is all to benefit them when it is time to shine. Spring sports, which are from January to May are last in line. Track & Field, Men’s Volleyball, Swim, Softball, Baseball, and Men’s Golf all have to wait until the new year to start up again.

Sophomore Maya Garay explains, “I enjoy the time when spring sports start coming back around because I love watching and participating in them. As a member of the track and field team I look forward to seeing all my teammates again and training to race in the new season.”

After practicing and training all year for a sport to come back, a lot of anticipation is built up. After Christmas Break, the excitement really starts to close in. Whether it is track and swim meets, getting to each base on time, hitting over the net, or making a hole-in-one, students are looking forward to getting back their kick after yearning for their sport for many months. 

Sophomore Isabella Zane says, “I’m excited for this new season. It’s nice because this season keeps you in shape if you do other sports as well. It’s like a cooldown in a way.”

A lot of athletes do spring sports as a form of training for their main sport that takes place in a different season. Many athletes will even go to other sports’ games after their own practices are over. They know how hard everyone is working during this time, so the entertainment and sportsmanship persuades them to go and watch. Finding the motivation to practice through weather changes and school finals can be difficult, but teamwork makes it easier. 

Garay continues, “I also love to watch the baseball team play as well as going to swim meets. There are so many spring sports to choose either to watch or participate in and I can’t wait for that time of the year. It is coming up so fast.”

Any student can support spring sports by showing up to games to cheer on their friends and fellow acquaintances or of course by joining the team themselves. Information for spring sports is available on the Shadow Ridge website under “Athletics” and then going through the carousel to find “Spring Sports.” Joining a sports team for the first time can seem intimidating, but coaches are happy to have new recruits each year.