An Enchanted Christmas


Mrs. Smith


Lena Harris, Journalist

Enchant Las Vegas, the world’s largest Christmas light maze and village, opened in the Las Vegas Ballpark last year around November. This Hallmark Channel inspired center is designed to leave a magical mark on people. The winter wonderland is a very popular attraction that is open from November 25 to January 1. It includes ice skating through tunnels of lights, live entertainment, and other amazing events highlighting the most important parts of both family fun and holiday spirit.

To feel the magic of the wonderland, visiting the website to purchase tickets is a crucial step. Despite just being open last year, Enchant has now expanded to a second location at Resorts World and has other locations outside of Vegas. If customers are wanting to purchase more than 25 tickets, the ballpark has an option to set up a group or party making sure all family and friends can experience the fun. From weddings to birthday parties, they’ve got it covered.

Sophomore Isabella Zane explains, “I haven’t been to Enchanted but I’d be interested in going. It looks beautiful and the lights add an amazing touch.”

The tabs on the website include The Maze, The Village, Ice Skating, Meet Santa, and Holiday Treats, and of course options to Contact Us and Buy Tickets. Each of the main categories have specific information about what goes on during these joyous months. The plethora of options to choose from never ends as guests scroll through the many pictures and descriptive captions. Beverages, food, and Christmas shopping is available for people of all ages. 

Junior Aliandra Rizo says, “I haven’t been to Enchanted, but I would be interested in going since it looks very festive. Since there’s an ice skating rink I think it would be a fun experience combined with seeing the lights.”

The most exciting part of this experience for most children is meeting Santa. The professional photographers present are available to photograph the best moments. Heading up to “Santa’s Landing” gives children an opportunity to share their most wanted items this year. Having a chance to interact and take a picture with old Saint Nicholas, parents can choose a picture pack to get as many memories on film as they would like. 

Health teacher Shannon Alia explains, “I would love to go to Enchanted, it is beautiful, but it is kind of expensive with four kids, unless I get a Christmas bonus.”

The Maze, an abundance of twinkling lights and large displays can be seen all around the park. On Enchanted’s website, they advertise their 100 foot tall Christmas tree , and display things like reindeer, trees, tunnels, and the merry reactions people have when they pass through each area. Every corner is filled with something new. Customers are able to sign up for a newsletter at the bottom of the website for more information and updates that are not found on their Instagram or Facebook pages for each state they have locations in.