How To Stop Procrastinating

Mrs. Carroll, Counselor

What Causes Procrastination:

You feel overwhelmed.

Some things feel too overwhelming and you don’t even know where to start.  It feels like there is a mountain of work to be done before you can feel close to the end.

Solution:  one percent.  No one can start a project doing all of the steps at the same time, if you try this, you will burn out.  Start small and high five yourself when you accomplish the first steps.  Ask for help if you need it.

You feel way behind.

Things have stacked up and you feel paralyzed.

Solution:  Write the steps out and again, small steps equal the biggest success.

The assignment is boring

You can’t get motivated to do a boring assignment.  What happens when we put it off, we end up feeling overwhelmed and behind. 

Solution:  What’s the outcome if I don’t do it?  What’s the outcome if I do it?  You have to have a WHY as part of what will help motivate you.  

The assignment is too easy.

The feeling of I got this, there is no challenge, and there are more important things to do.  But by putting the assignment off for too long, you will run the risk of then feeling overwhelmed or behind.

Solution:  Because it feels so easy, get it out of the way first.  It can actually give you a motivation boost when you complete it by having one less thing on your list.

The unknown.

Maybe there is no one reason, you’re just not doing it.  Sometimes thinking about the assignment makes you feel anxious, frustrated, or nervous.

Solution:  Ask yourself why you are not starting.  Knowing the cause can help you try to work past it.

The ‘I work better under pressure.’

You may think that you do but you will never achieve your best work doing it at the last minute.  Last minute work causes more stress.  For some people, it gives them the excuse that they didn’t get a good grade because of lack of time.  This excuse feels more comfortable than having done the assignment with enough time and not gotten a good grade.  

Solution:  Remind yourself that perfection is unattainable.  Part of education is learning from what we didn’t get right.  We are learning from our teachers and peers, it’s ok to not know everything.

Apps to help with procrastination:

The Homework App

myHomework Student Planner

My Study Life