Thank You Coach Williams


Photo courtesy of Harmony Taylor

2022-2023 Varsity Soccer Team

Karissa Murdoch, Journalist

After 13 years of hard work and dedication to coaching Shadow Ridge soccer, Coach Williams has decided it is time to take a step back. With many years of working with teams, she’s made impacts on many as people, and players.

“She has made my self confidence grow a lot and I’ve made more progress this year than ever before, she has been by far the best coach I’ve ever had,” says Harmony Taylor, freshmen. She knows the game through and through and has made my first season amazing. I’m really going to miss having her on the field.”

Her players have looked to her for support on and off the field where she’s done nothing shy but deliver. 

“Well for starters Coach Williams gave me a soccer best friend. I don’t attend Shadow, I go to Northwest, and from the start of my first season here, she introduced me to someone who also went to my school and told me to get close with her because we were going to need each other, and she was right. Every game, practice, and warmup, we were together,” Leighanne Kim says. “Another thing Coach Williams gave me was a chance. I played well during practices, but I never played my best during games, yet she continued to believe in me and even gave me a leadership role as captain during my junior year. She always believed in our team, even when we were the underdogs, and that’s why we made it further than ever before this year. We never stopped fighting because she never did.”

Williams does more than just direct her players where to go and what to do, she aids them mentally.

“Coach Williams has impacted me the most by helping me with my confidence on and off the field. There have been some games or days where I just wasn’t myself and she pulled me aside and talked to me making sure I was good and telling me how far I’ve come since freshman year (last year), constantly reminding me that I’ve proved myself more and more,” says sophomore, Kendal Houghton. “With club and school adding up to the this season, I needed lots of reassurance and help with keeping myself motivated, and Coach Williams was there when I needed it most.

An admirable factor of Coach Williams is her inability to give up. 

“Coach Williams has been one of the most supportive coaches I have ever played for. No matter what circumstances we were in, she always pushed us to the final whistle of the game. There were games this season that we weren’t expected to win, like Bishop Gorman in the Quarterfinals of playoffs, but Coach Williams took us through that game as if it was any other opponent and I truly believe that is what got us a win that night,” says senior, Brynn Belcher. “Even off the field Coach Williams was a role model we could look up to. Between teaching PE, coaching varsity soccer, and still managing to be a full time mom and wife, she always made time for everyone in her life and I look up to her for that.”

Shadow Ridge thanks Coach Williams for her immense years of time, dedication, and love she has put into soccer here at Shadow. The impacts she has made will never be forgotten.