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Popular breakfast foods

Lena Harris, Journalist

Las Vegas is known for many things, one of them being a harbor of great breakfast joints. People of all ages go out to eat breakfast everyday to have a nice sit down meal with family, friends, or even by themselves to start their day off right. The Cracked Egg, Griddlecakes, IHOP, Omelet House, and BabyStacks Cafe are just a few popular breakfast places here in Vegas that get a lot of attention.

Each place has their own special menus that expand to more than just the most important meal of the day but also fall into lunch and even dinnertime. 

Junior Emma Clement says, “I love IHOP, there’s so many options and their strawberry cheesecake pancakes and fried eggs are just so good.”  

IHOP in fact is a popular worldwide breakfast place filled with many customers per day at one of their 20 Vegas locations. They not only have breakfast but other menus for lunch and dinner time ranging from bacon to burgers. Just like IHOP, Griddlecakes and BabyStacks Cafe specialize in many unique pancake options, such as red velvet flavor. Customers get a lot of the same popular foods at these places such as pancakes, omelets, and a variety of meats, but all of them are filled with individuality that makes their place stand out.

Sophomore Preslee Lafreniere says, “Omelet House is probably my favorite because their omelets are so tasty and they have the best hash browns.

Another popular morning meal server is The Cracked Egg, which also serves lunch at five locations strictly in Vegas. The restaurant has many awards and is featured in the Vegas Review Journal. Omelet House is mentioned in the Las Vegas Weekly as the “Best Breakfast Spot of all time.” They take pride in adding this achievement to their website along with showing off a lot of their dishes.  

Sophomore Maya Garay explains, “I just love The Cracked Egg, the food is absolutely amazing there.”

All of these brunch sites have their stories and menus on their websites available for customers to browse and learn. Each one of these restaurants is family-owned and opened purely for the enjoyment of people and great food. All individually have their own specialties and restrictions for customers to have the best possible experiences and allow them to choose what foods they enjoy.

Clement continues, “IHOP has the best service out of all the places I have gone to, their workers are so lively and it just makes the experience so enjoyable.”

Reviews on any breakfast place can be found on social media platforms such as Instagram and TikTok, where people can give others their opinion and recommendations from the menus. Many places also have their own accounts to represent their food and suggested items.

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