King of the Field


Photo Courtesy of: Jackson King

Jackson King playing football

Avrie Vohs, Journalist

  Sophomore Jackson King has learned a lot while in high school. King has met multiple new people, from football to academics, and made many bonds.

“The [best thing about football is the] relationships with my coaches and teammates,” King states. “We spend a lot of time together on that field. My coaches have become mentors to me. I admire them as people, teachers, leaders, fathers, husbands, and friends. Being part of a team means accountability. My teammates show up and put work in every single day. We all count on each other. I have the greatest respect for my teammates and coaches. We all become family on the field. That is the greatest thing about football,” stated King.

For these types of relationships with people, King had to keep his grades up and have a good mindset about it all.

“For me, it’s simple. I am capable of all A’s, so why would I ever settle for anything less?” he questions. “Everyone is capable of having ‘good grades’ but it’s what you decide to focus on. It’s all about making goals and standards for yourself and putting the work in to achieve them. Also, it is important that when I come to class, I give my full attention and respect to my teachers. By doing all these things, I know I am setting myself up for success.”

King had to learn different ways to understand and, most importantly, push through the feeling of anxiety.

I don’t have a favorite team, just players and coaches. The players I loved (The Manning brothers) are retired now so I just root for whoever my grandpa bet on.

— Jackson King

“Last year, I would become filled with anxiety before every game and sometimes practice,” King confessed. “What truly helped me overcome all of this was changing my perspective. I learned a lot from my mom, instilling mental toughness in me and reading David Goggins’ book. His voice opened my mind to a whole world of possibilities. I am the only one in control of my thoughts, emotions, and feelings. I no longer allow any negative thoughts/beliefs into my mindset. If something doesn’t serve my greatest purpose, I don’t think about it. That’s all there is to it.”

Setting goals and working towards them is super hard. Having a good attitude and mindset is essential to achieving these goals. Being confident is also extremely important.

“Who or what inspires me the most?” King asks. “It is who I will become in 5 years. I set my standard of what and who I want to become in 5 years. And when I get to that 5-year mark, I set new standards and goals. I am constantly creating, pushing, learning, and evolving into the greatest version of myself.”

For people who want to join a sport, showing up and participating is one of the most important things someone could do.

“My biggest advice is, SHOW UP! When all your muscles are sore, it’s 115 degrees outside, and you feel like crying; SHOW UP! Having self-discipline is the greatest gift to give yourself. Commit to it and follow through. You will thank yourself when you see who you become.”