Apple Music or Spotify?

Lena Harris, Journalist

For decades there has been a worldwide debate on whether Apple Music or Spotify is better. Both applications are solely for music and let listeners make their own playlists and listen to songs while being able to close their devices. Each platform also creates personalized playlists based on what the user listens to often. Even though the apps share similar features, they have their fair share of differences including the layouts and what media can be found. 

Sophomore Alyssa Karn says, “Spotify is better, I feel like there’s more music and I like the look of it more.” 

Even though Karn feels there is more music on Spotify, Apple Music won in this category with over 90+ million songs compared to Spotify’s 70+ million. Spotify tends to be a popular platform for users who like listening to podcasts, while Apple Music leans more towards the music video side of things. Both allow users to que songs and move them around for easy accessibility and preferred listening. 

Senior Mikah Houston explains, “I prefer apple music. I feel like it is just easier to use.”

Apple music might seem more accessible to some people, those without iPhones or other Apple based devices used to not have the ability to utilize Apple Music, but they can now listen by downloading the app and purchasing a subscription. Spotify, on the other hand, is available to use without a subscription, it just includes ads every few songs for the promotion of their application. Spotify Premium can be purchased to remove these ads, and requires a payment every month just like Apple Music does. 

Junior Jasmine Mata shares, “I use Spotify because it helps me save money but if I had a choice I would probably use Apple Music because they have a lot of songs that are not on Spotify at times, and I think it looks nicer.” 

The amount of money and songs that are found on each app can make a big difference in helping people choose whether Apple Music or Spotify is better for them. According to Tom’s Guide, both subscriptions are $9.99 per month, offer student plans, and have family and annual packages available for purchasing. Although, Spotify uniquely offers a duo plan. If users don’t mind ads, using Spotify for free might be more to their advantage, helping save some money by not paying anything to listen to their favorite tunes. 

Apple Music seems to win in more categories than Spotify, but this doesn’t change the opinions of Spotify supporters. Since their release dates Spotify and Apple Music have changed music listening forever. From the creators updating their apps for the best possible experience, to changing prices and adding new music whenever possible, each source is reliable to anyone wanting to listen.


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