Hook and Blooming

Julia Willhite, Journalist

Wright Viera, senior at Shadow Ridge, owns her own Etsy shop called Hook and Bloom. She has been selling crocheted flower bouquets since August of this year from her online store, and has recently started the Instagram account @_hookandbloom_ to spread the word. She started to crochet at the end of her junior year and fell in love with it. 

Each individual bouquet is sold for around $30-40, but the prices are subject to change. There are a variety of colors, shapes, and kinds of flowers, perfect for any occasion. The different flowers available to purchase include tulips, sunflowers, lavenders, as well as seasonal flowers, this season beginning with fall flowers. Because each one is homemade, the process to make each one can be very time consuming, making each bouquet is high quality and pricey to make since the cost of the yarn is a bit expensive. Though there are many kinds of flowers, Wright Viera has personally crafted, her favorite above all is the sunflower bouquet. 

These bouquets are long lasting; they never wilt like real flowers, and they are good for any occasion. They are child friendly and made of soft yarn, perfect for gifts and decoration all year round. No poor decision can be made with these flowers, and that is exactly why Wright Viera enjoys making them so much. Hook and Bloom is a great pastime, which is what makes it a smart business endeavor.

Every new small business needs growth, especially when they first start out. Senior Aryssa Gallardo, a close friend of Wright Viera’s, has seen growth since the beginning of this small endeavor. 

“I was there when she first started thinking about creating her own crochet bouquet business and loved the idea,” Gallardo stated. “She has devoted so much time and effort into making her flowers and I am happy that she has received some orders. Still, I hope that this business is able to grow more.”

Most small businesses make their work all about growth, however, but Wright Viera is not one of them. 

“Crocheting is a great stress reliever for me when my anxiety gets bad so I crochet to calm my nerves,” Wright Viera said. “I would love for it to turn into a big business, but for me it’s mostly for fun.”

She puts heart into her work, and it is evident that any customer will be getting what they paid for with Wright Viera. This small business is a diamond in the rough, and will shine through the test of time, just like her flowers.