These Bibles Be Bangin’


Photo Courtesy of Maya Garay

Bible Club studying hard

Julia Willhite, Journalist

Information to join Bible Club!

The Banging Bible Club, a new club at Shadow Ridge High School this year, is a great new chance for kids from all different backgrounds to come together and share their perspectives on religion. The club was started by sophomore Adriana Guerrero because she wanted to see different perspectives from all people about something that she loves and learn more about it. The new club is run by Ms. Martinez and has about 9 members. They meet every Wednesday for about an hour and a half.

At each meeting, the members start off with a prayer, and then jump right into reading select verses. They then have discussions about these verses and share what they might be feeling about that particular scripture, and how it applies to them in particular. Because of this, it brings new knowledge to each participant, allowing them to learn from different perspectives. 

Although there are so many different religious backgrounds in each of the members of the club, they don’t let that divide them, and they choose to focus on their similarities, not their differences. 

Guerrero said, “There’s just something about exchanging ideas and honest thoughts I really find important. It’s not about religion, but more so a relationship we are all welcome to have with God. 

The new experiences of the Bible Bangers have affected each member of the group. Sophomore Maya Garay loves her experiences at each meeting, and has enjoyed the ability to voice her thoughts. 

She said, “It’s always a safe space to say whatever is in your heart or on your mind. I love the community and fellowship we have created.” 

Although they mostly focus on the spiritual aspect of the Bible, they have some good times outside of study.

Bible Club is my favorite part of Wednesdays.

— Maya Garay

 “We eat food and sometimes my brother will crack a couple jokes here and there,” said Guerrero. 

Thinking on an empty stomach can be hard, which is why Ms. Martinez provides edible refreshments for those in her club.There have also been potlucks for people to share pieces of themselves in multiple ways as well. Through the variety of food that has been shared, the Bangers hold in their hearts their own personal favorites.

“Hands down, the best thing I’ve eaten at Bible Club so far has got to be the brownies one of the club members made and brought to the potluck, “ Guerrero said. 

Garay also has her own treasured food memory from Bible Club. “(My favorite) is the ‘Cafe con leche’ our advisor, who is also the culinary teacher, prepared fresh for us. I’ve had coffee before, but this one was incredible.” 

Anyone who wants to join Bible Club is welcome to join  by coming to the meetings every Wednesday in room 302!