The Perfect “Spot”


Jenna Lundstrom

One of the many delicious drinks available at The Soda Spot

Carlee Stuart, Journalist

Looking for a new spot to hangout? On April 9, 2022 The Soda Spot had its grand opening. Located on Azure Dr., this shop is a great place to converge and spend time with those in the community.

Founder and owner Jenna Lundstrom said, “We wanted to open The Spot because we envisioned a place where everyone in our local community could come together and enjoy custom, fancy drinks and a variety of yummy treats.”

We wanted it to become everyone’s safe hang out – your “spot.

— Jenna Lundstrom

Growing up and living in Vegas most of her life, there were no establishments like this, causing the idea for Lundstrom. She wanted to showcase the things she takes pleasure in while providing a safe hangout for all.

“We developed the concept from all the things we love. We love not just fresh fountain sodas with customized flavor add-ins but also love fresh lemonade made from just lemons, sugar, and water that you can customize just the same,” Lundstrom stated. 

She came up with many of her menu items from personal family recipes she loves. She also got many ideas from the community asking people what their favorite mixed drinks were. 

Lundstrom said, “For treats, my entire life I have always loved ice cream shakes and our soda shakes are unique to The Spot and completely customizable with flavors – they’re sooo good!”

The idea behind her business is to bring people together with what she enjoys. 

Amberlie Reese, sophomore, says, “I love The Soda Spot! It is such a welcoming place where I can enjoy delicious sodas and all kinds of yummy treats.”

The intention of The Soda Spot is allowing people to enjoy many tasty refreshments while providing a place to relax. The business welcomes all adults, teens, and children with the many choices that are offered.

“Our inspiration for The Spot was you! We truly wanted it to be a safe space for anyone in our community to gather, hang out, do homework, catch up with friends, or just take a break from the stresses of life!” Lundstrom says, “We want every person to feel welcome and happy when they visit The Spot.”

It is important that the sense of community is felt in her establishment. Although making the dream of her business a reality was not easy. 

“My husband and I do not have any investors or business partners, so dealing with prolonged construction and the financial burdens were things we had to deal with on our own as a family,” Lundstrom said. “The biggest struggle for anything in life is usually just getting started.” 

There were so many challenges she faced in the beginning but she never gave up and it is now paying off. Through the obstacles, Lundstrom had to look up to her many role models. The inspiration helped her to push forward and excel.

Lundtrom stated, “I look up to many people, I look up to each person who’s going through life just trying their best and trying to make life a little better for others too.“ 

Everyone has their own struggles one can learn from and that is what she does. She also looks up to people in her own life, and the experiences she knows with them.

She stated, “In relation to the shop, I look up to my parents because they have run their own business for decades now and have always done so with integrity and try to help those around them.” 

Learning and watching her parents run their business has taught Lundstrom so much. The Soda Spot is a great new place for friends to gather and enjoy a soda or treat.